Thursday, January 31, 2013

Week One!

Howdy ya'll!

So I'm just going to write a big email to everyone so I don't have to reply to everyone individually because that takes mucho tiempo.

I'm now with Elders Hall and Booth who were already my roommates so it's way chill and fun with a threesome. It's kind of hard having to learn how to teach with three people and new people all over again. Yeah we're teaching an investigator already. We got him on our third day here. He "only speaks spanish" so we have to teach him lessons in spanish. It's probably the most difficult thing in the world. It's crazy humbling. You feel like a loser afterwards, but it's always a learning experience and we can't let it bug us too much, especially since they're just fake investigators. It's very hard learning spanish, but I can understand about 97% of what anyone says, I just can't always respond the way I want what with all the conjugations and such. But I can usually get my point across so they understand what I'm trying to say. It's crazy how fast they expect us to be able to do this stuff. But we're learning to teach by the Spirit all the more which is one of the most important things you can do out here. Elder Dresen and I got a baptismal commitment after our second lesson with "Eduardo", that was the best lesson ever and we went completely off of the Spirit and our knowledge thus far of spanish. But yeah that's what's been happening a bit.

The rooms are cool. Lots of desk space and such and the beds are decent. The food is way good. I work out a lot with my roommates whether running or lifting and so I eat about literally five plates of food every meal, so I'm definitely good there. Thanks for the package by the way! We have so much food in our room, we live like kings, especially with the fridge. It's way fun. I'm way close with everyone in our zone and district. Holly Burr is in my district! So I see her everyday for many hours. Pretty cool. I've seen a ton of my friends here to so that's fun. I can't send pics today because the comp I'm on won't let me and it's not my p-day so I don't have a lot of time. P-Days rule by the way, best invention ever. And devotionals are great. L. Whitney Clayton of the 70 came on Tuesday and him and his wife gave amazing talks.

I was talking to a secretary and she said we got about 700 new missionaries yesterday, and at the peak in the summer we should have about 7,500 in the MTC. Yeah max occupancy is 3,000. So luckily I'm out before then! But it's really like everyone says where the days are LOOOOOOOOONG but the weeks are super short. I only have five left! Not a lot of time to prepare. Well sorry this is so short but I'm in the middle of language study and I'm using my time for next week's p-day. Probably forgot a lot of stuff but oh well.

Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,

Elder Bryson Davies

Oh and tell people to send lots of letters and such. It seriously is like freaking christmas when you get them here!

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