Saturday, March 2, 2013

Week Five...Part Two!

Well right now we're just doing some laundry getting ready to pack it all up! Thought we might as well email too! Don't really know what to say though.....I leave Monday! That's a pretty cool fact.

Oh I might be able to send more pics later when we switch out our laundry, but we'll see. So far today we had personal study, breakfast, class, language study, and lunch. We took a lot of pics with our maestros y mi distrito, so hopefully you can see them before who knows the next time I'll get the chance to send them! We're skipping TALL (the language learning thing on the computer) and gym so we can start to pack all of our stuff hoy, because tomorrow is a muy busy dia. It's Fast Sunday so we don't get the first two meals, we have CCM conference for two hours, testimony meeting which means we're obligated to bear ours since we're leaving, we're singing Oh Mi Padre to the tune of come thou fount which is pretty sick for our farewell song (my district). Then later in the night hopefully we can have a mini adios fiesta with all the leftover food we all have. The hermanas were wanting to receive blessings from us as well which is way cool because we're basically family, but we have five elders y four hermanas so I'll probs sit out and let one of the other elders who have never done anything like that experience it. So we'll see how tomorrow goes! AND then we're off! Estoy tan animado! Pero it's gonna be freaky, but I'm ready I feel. Espanol-wise? No way. But confidence-wise I'm just super pumped and excited and hopefully I can keep it up!

Well don't know what else to say, pero I'll try to get on later to send some sweet pics! I'll be calling sometime Monday morning! Ha ha that narrows it down to....yeah basically not that much....but before my flight! I'll probs call with quarters first to make sure, then I'll call with the card. Dad's phone. AWESOME.

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