Thursday, February 28, 2013

Week Five!

Ok, first, travel plans. there's like 30 people traveling with us so the payphone situation might be sketchy? Not sure if it'll be long or short or what! But we'll see and it will happen! So hopefully around 6 ish - 7? I'll call dad's phone for sure.

Tampa in 5 days. no big. actually big big. I've been seeing a ton of people come and go in here that i know, hermana bolton, kelsey, a girl i worked with, lots of people! it's way cool to see. oh and my shift key is stuck a lot so no caps much in this email. lots of spanish is coming along good! I got a letter from my mission pres and assistants to the pres this week! an email as well! So they're looking forward to us coming. They'll be waiting at the airport for us and we're going to the mission home and having dinner and orientation that first day. Second day we go to conference and get our trainers for the first 12 weeks!! That's a long time to be with a trainer, but i know why i'm here and nothing can make me forget that purpose. Sorry it's short! Maybe i'll have time later today before or after the temple to email again! hopefully. off to get a haircut! oh and good job and sweet pics from ragnar!!! i run here and think of those fun times!

Got more time! We just got back from the last temple sesh for two years! It was a way good one. We really felt the peace in the temple. Oh! So last night at the second to last devotional, the last one where a person other than a CCM would speak, Elder M. Russell Ballard spoke! It was so amazing, and we were like on the tenth row. We figured it was someone important because they didn't have it announced on the screen and when we went to the bathroom we kinda got asked to hurry by security guards, so figured it was someone pretty high up! It was so amazing. He talked about how we've been blessed with learning this gospel for our entire lives and then we come here and we feel we need to relearn everything from the beginning. But it's important to know that we need to use the knowledge we've been taught for 19 years and put it to use. The only thing we need to do is use PME to know the way how to perfectly condense and simplify the doctrine we already know, and then we just need to bear testimony and teach people what we have known our whole lives. It was way cool to hear that because it does feel like we're having to learn everything over, probs cause we're learning it all in another language, but we need to realize that we have enough knowledge already to answer almost any question that's asked to us, we just need to remember what we've been taught in our youth. And it was way cool, I felt, because near the end he called us his "fellow missionaries". Whoa. We have the same exact job now of those righteous men we've been looking up to for our entire lives. What a lot of pressure and responsibility, but also what an amazing opportunity! He also said see every day as not just "another day", but wake up and see it as "another day to represent and serve Christ". That will definitely help with my attitude a lot I think if I keep that in mind. Words from an apostle are the words from God, and we now have the opportunity to carry those words to God's children, our "fellow" brothers and sisters. GOOD STUFF.

We had a devotional a couple times ago (they're on sunday and tuesday) about how mission calls are truly PURE revelation and COMPLETELY 100% perfect for you in every way. You are meant to go there, whether a mission pres. or a comp. or any person will have a profound effect on you, or you are supposed to have one on any one of them, but we are called for a reason! It's the same with any calling in the church! It is for a purpose that you might never even find out why, but God knows and we need to trust and have faith in Him.


I'm probably just really pumped because I get to go to Florida and the field in 5 days......Yeah that's why. Tomorrow we have In-Field Orientation all day. No idea what it is! Probs just go through more situations and role plays of what will happen when we get there, or something like that. But hey no class until night time! So that's fun! Something that's changing actually is teaching our "investigators", the same ones that we've had the whole time, is starting to actually be fun! We're learning how to be ourselves and make things enjoyable in the lesson! That's something I need to work on is keep being myself! I can't lose my messed up personality!

Anyways that's a longer one cause I felt bad for sending a short one all the time! TALK TO YOU ON MONDAY BETWEEN 6 ISH - 7 ISH!!!!!!!!!!

Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,

Elder Bryson Davies

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