Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Week Two!

Dang this place is crazy! Emotional rollercoaster that's for sure! I'm just always so tired, and if we don't teach a lesson for a long time I get on a spiritual low, but then we either teach a lesson and my soul gets a jumpstart from the Spirit, or there's a devotional from a general authority and those are always perfect and great. I take a ton of notes during those. There's so many missionaries here! Actually not really today because like 700 just left in the last two days, but in the next three hours 800 are supposed to be coming in! AAAAA!!!!!!!! Pretty awesome though. Building quite the army in here. Time goes by very slow it seems during the day, but looking back it seems like it hasn't been two weeks already! Less than four weeks and I'll be on the plane to Florida! Pretty exciting. Oh yeah a bar of soap would be nice in a container or something so I can store it and transport it and such in the shower ha ha. My brain is using about 99% of its capacity right now learning Spanish. It's a crazy hard language, but it's the easiest one here...weird how that works out. Oh and sorry no pics again today I don't have my camera and it's in a place where I'd have to dress up to go into. It's p-day. I'm lazy. Ha ha yeah....but Spanish is good. In my companionship with Elder Booth and Elder Hall I know the most so I have to always be paying attention to what the investigators are saying and I give most of the answers! The sentences are constructed completely wrong, but I know all the words and just put them together. With Salvador we had a whole lesson planned and then he wouldn't let us in so we had to give a twenty minute lesson in five minutes on his doorstep. That was pretty rough and unexpected! Lots and lots of awkward moments here ha ha. But you just have to get used to them and not let them bother you at all or you will not survive in here at all. It's very very humbling and we have to see those times as a learning experience and an opportunity to do better. That's what Elder Clayton of the 70's wife said last week, see mountains and hills (trials) as an opportunity of learning and growth physically and spiritually and mentally. That's a really important concept in here and I'm sure out in el campo. I needed something else here too.....but I forgot....hopefully I remember before I finish. I eat a lot and I've gained weight ha ha about 8 pounds! I'm starting to run everyday though so I even out. Might start eating healthy so I can lose some of it......but probs not. Still under 200! But there's just so much FOOD! Last week I ate the fish, forgot that's the one thing to stay away from, yeah bad night with the tummy. Try teaching a lesson with your stomach making louder noises than the people talking. Got a haircut today. Probs get one right before I leave too. It just grows super super fast and then I look strange having longish hair with everyone else buzzed. So I just got like a half inch off so not too short now. Sleeping definitely is not long enough! I thought eight hours every night would be too much...NOPE. WAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY shorter when you just pass out every night. Mentally and physically and emotionally drained, but it's for good reason! Anyways not really sure what else to say....oh I might send home a poem that my old zone leader gave to me. It's super dang good. Can't remember the title though. I'm gonna try to give it to all my close friends when they come in here because it's a real humbling and touching poem. I'm starting to learn more how to better teach by the Spirit and not just the lesson. A huge thing they emphasize in here is "Teach the person, not the lesson" which is hard but well worth it. You should still teach a lesson, but it most likely won't even be what you prepared. You find out info about the person their teaching and what their needs and expectations are and then you apply what you feel needs to be taught to them specifically so it means more to them. It's also so so important for us to learn and know perfectly the Doctrine of Christ, which is basically Our Purpose, and the doctrine of the normal lessons so you know the stories and principles, but you'll be able to apply them to random people you meet in specific ways as guided by the Spirit. HUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGEEEEEEE deal out here and we cannot be missionaries without being worthy and able to do that. Lots of pressure and sometimes we mess up...bad...but it's why we're here in the CCM, to practice and learn. Well my comps are ready to go and I'm probs gonna email Craig....what? against the rules...? Nah.....

Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,

Elder Bryson Davies

Oh and TRC is insane! Real people from the outside world come in and we have to teach them a lesson on the spot. INTENSITY ON STEROIDS. Anyways that's all I wanted to add. That's every week when we do that. Going to the temple now! Haven't been in a long time!!

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  1. Dear Bryson,
    It does sound like a super, wild ride at the MTC. Hardly enough time to "come up for air". But, hang in there! I know you can do it~~one day will be more challenging than the other, but in the end it all pays off.
    At least you aren't our in all this winter "gunk" that is going on! We need spring~~fast!!
    I have you on my mind so much, along with prayers for you each day, as grandpa and I have our daily prayer.
    I love you~~and hope and pray for only the best for you! Pray often, be strong, and know that you are doing a very special work.
    Always remember that you have a family who love you and appreciate your willingness to serve at this time.
    Love you very much~~Grandma