Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Week Four!


Well nothin really happenin in el CCM this last week! Really though it was like....nothing. I'm getting a lot better at spanish though! I can still understand most everything, I think spanish a ton after I say something in english, and I'm comfortable getting a lesson across. Now it's mostly just vocabulary and correct conjugations. Rough stuff to think of that stuff as fast as you speak it. So yeah this probably won't be a huge one. Might try to send pics. You need a card reader out here to send pics and I have to borrow other peoples'. So yeah it's hard, I'm trying to buy one off an elder right now actually.

Anyways I'm getting pretty huge in muscularness. I run everyday during PE about 3-4 miles and end up doing about 100-150 push ups. Pretty great. Gotta burn off all the food I eat during the meals! A week and a half left!

Oh an Hermana in my district says her family is friends with the incoming mission presidents for our mission and she says they're way legit and so fun, so maybe pick me up?? Ha that's a ways away. Yeah. But things are good. Today we get to go to BYU because my comp needs to get his pants hemmed or taken in or something and we have to go there! OUTSIDE WORLD! We went to the byu medical center last week for my comp again and that was weird. Everyone was staring at us while we walked down the street and everyone said hello and we were like, what's wrong with us and why is everyone looking at us?? And then we remembered......WE'RE MISSIONARIES. Yeah it was funny.

Well sorry this is so short but nothing really happened that was crazy! I'll try to send pics now, but no promises. Hopefully you got the ones last week? Good luck on Ragnar!!!!!!!!!!

Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,

Elder Bryson Davies

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