Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Week Three!


First of all, before I forget....HAPPY 60TH ANNIVERSARY TO GG!!!!!! DANG LOOOONG TIME TO BE TOGETHER WITH ONE PERSON! I'm having a hard time doing it for three weeks! People like that are what help me keep going and know that we can work out any problems we might have with our "companions" and grow from the experience. Congrats to them! They only have 40 more years to go!

Anyways let's see...not much is different here. They're adding ton of beds to residences for all the new missionaries. Soooooooo many here. It's fun to see everyone I know here! I've talked with everyone I could possibly know which is way cool. Sean's only in here for like 13 days! He lives in the same building as me so I just visit him at night sometimes before sleep. I'm starting to learn much more complex Spanish now. All the subjunctive, preterit (past), imperfect, gerund, past participle. Lots of very hard stuff, but it is all the most important stuff to even be able to say a normal sounding sentence. 

All of the devotionals that we've had have been on the same basic topics, which is pretty crazy because they haven't even meant them to be. But the giant messages are "GIVE OF YOURSELF BY FORGETTING YOURSELF" "BE A RIGHTEOUS EXAMPLE TO ALL" "HAVE PATIENCE", but yeah those are all so important right now. With like everything. I guess a ton of people are thinking more of themselves than who they're representing. We watched a talk by Bednar he gave here Christmas Day and it was like a Holland style talk...on steroids. "Character of Christ" was what it was about. He basically told everyone to completely turn outward and never turn inward because only the natural man turns inward and he is an enemy to God. It was a turning point for our whole district. We talked about it after and we're definitely a lot less complainy and a lot more willing to do the work we were called and set apart to do. 

Oh…I've been running every day so I'm starting to lose all the weight I gained ha ha so that's nice. Already lost 5 pounds last week so not too bad. Thanks for the package! I actually haven't been able to get it because of the devotional last night. We have to get there over an hour early to even get a decent seat. But I'm sure I'll love the package, since I don't have anyone else that loves me...ha ha joking! Oh and I should get my travel plans next Thursday. Two and a half weeks left! And I still can't speak spanish! And that'd be sweet if Michael was there too! What are his plans? So I'll let you know all the info in like two weeks for the airport and such.

Well good luck with the Ragnar! That's disgusting but hey somebody's got to do it right?...NO. But that's really cool you guys stick to it. Good luck again! Have fun! Don't die! Can't wait to get out of this cold.

Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,

Elder Bryson Davies

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