Monday, April 14, 2014

Week Sixty-Three!

      Somebody had a bomb week! Cruising all over the place! I've cruising a lot...on my Chevrolegs. We be doing a lot of walkin for all day here. Talk to a few people that are out, give out a lot of cards. We got our first somewhat sketchy return appointment for tonight. We thought about it and me and elder James haven't taught a single lesson in like three weeks, and a real solid lesson for over six....rough stuff out here in Tampa and Naples.
      So we got the call and we're staying here in Naples for another six weeks in our box. The three sq mile box. Yaaaaaaayyyy. Hopefully things pick up soon or we're gonna straight go crazy! We're in the furthest south and smallest area! Ha ha we have a lot of adventures everyday. There are some crazy people here. And it's such a small area we keep seeing the same people over and over! Pretty funny. At least people are getting to know the Mormon boys!
      There's five companionships that cover the box so we're always running into other missionaries. Pretty funny stuff when that happens. So yeah that's all that I've been up to. I'm way burnt slash tan all the time now. There's quite a few Spanish areas getting white washed this transfer. Pretty interesting. This area is alright. Tiny. Not really big city. Most white people call it the ghetto. Not too bad, definitely worse out there.
      The other day James went and played with and taught some kids on some basketball courts and I talked to people just sitting around the park. I talked with Brother Frank for like an hour and a half. His whole mouth was gold and his skin black from tattoos even though he was still black....right. He goes to the revelations of Jesus Christ church. Used to be a drug dealer but then he got grand kids and went to jail too much so he found Jesus! Way cool guy. He was like 50 and just chillin in shorts and a tank top acting like he's 25. Funny guy. That's one of the bazillion people I've talked to in the last week. Hope all stays well!

2701 Tropicana Blvd. #3
Naples, FL 34116
Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,
Elder Bryson Davies

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