Monday, April 14, 2014

Week Sixty-two!

Hola!'re like on a cruise right now.....LUCKY!!! This'll probs be a short one, but hey  it's been a crazy week! First off GenCon was fetching awesome! Bomb as always. Lots of crazy stuff went down during that one, aka the end of the world is really soon. Lots of talking about standing up for your beliefs and being exactly obedient in life. One thing that somebody said was 'why are we disobedient? What makes us return to sin and make the same mistakes? It's because we love Satan more than God.'.....Holy smokes! Alright there you go! better! Elder Ballard's talk Sunday morning can really help you guys out I think. But be sure to watch and pay attention to ALL of them! Throw down about Sabbath Day too. Whoo! Lots of straight voices of warning! Best be getting ready to actually stand alone for what we know to be true and pick a side. 'Even if EVERYONE is doing it, that does not make it right.' Lots of crazy things. Be sure to read them and rewatch them when you can in the Ensign or on your phones and online! 

So I'm in Naples! Holy cow I'm so south! About the furthest south you can get without being in the Everglades almost. It's hot and humid like crazy here. We took the Spanish sisters apartment, it's pretty nice. All we do is walk around and try to find people to teach that will listen to us! So we hand out a lot of cards all day walking the streets. We've met with a few members from the Bahia Spanish Ward here. They're way way nice so far, and we just drop by and they welcome us in. We did that in between sessions yesterday and they welcomed us in, fed us and invited us to watch conference with them! So we totes did and it was awesome. Watched the second session in Spanish. I'm basically fluent. But yeah we have NO idea if we're going to be here longer than this week. This Saturday is transfer calls so we'll find out then. So we're going to be living off of Little Caesars and canned food ha ha because we don't know if we'll just be moving in a week so we aren't gonna waste money on groceries we won't eat!

 It's a weird situation. They just wanted to get us out of Tampa as fast as they could because we were kind of just wasting time walking around up there, and that's all we did. No lessons and no help from members. The missionaries part of Hastening the Work is already happening, an insane increase in missionaries. Now it's time for the members to do their part of the Hastening. The missionaries are there, there are PLENTY to go around. This is the prophesied HASTENING! aka things are changing, things are picking up and getting faster, if we don't keep up with it and change ourselves.....where will we be found when Christ comes? Being proactive or complacent? Helpful or hindering? Christlike or contentious?

That's a lot of what I got out of conference! I have to change a lot of what I do and the way I think. I feel like I'm behind in a lot of aspects, and I've been holding myself back because I fear change and sometimes I even fear being obedient and successful. I think that's a major thing Satan puts into us is fear. Fear of change, of success beyond measure, of being obedient. Maybe sometimes we might think 'will it even be worth it? I've done it before and there was no immediate blessings. If I invite or talk to this person, I'm afraid they'll actually say yes.  Those are weird things that I totally notice happen to us as missionaries and I'm sure in normal life too! Pretty interesting things to think about. Just random thoughts! GO CONFERENCE! MAKES YOU THINK ABOUT EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE!

Hope all is well and the boat doesn't crash!....yep! Send me sweet pics!
Live Hard,
Love Hard,

Laugh Hard,
Elder Bryson Davies




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