Monday, March 31, 2014

Week Sixty-One!

Yep yep yep DOING WORK HERE IN TAMPA!!! This week has been CRAZY! We've taught 22 lessons! Holy smokes! The craziest crap went down. I'm getting moved out of Tampa! What the heck is going on?? It's called an emergency transfer....I have to go fill the place of some other elder in a yep...zebra companionship...right after the best week ever?! I guess I was just supposed to do that little bit here. All of our lessons were with people on the street. It was awesome! But the area I'm going to is having crazy good success so...hopefully it keeps up? I'll be going there in the next couple days. Flipping crazy everyday here. Never a dull moment!
Elder Tanner who I'm living with, Elder Stanger's comp, just got his visa and now he can go to Africa! His call is to Zimbabwe! He'll finish out the transfer and then fly out with a couple other visa waiters in our mission. He's been here for 6 months so he's so pumped to go to Africa! And Elder Stanger goes home this transfer too! Two way good friends peacing out. I might send some stuff home with Stanger to give to y'all since he lives right next to canyon view jr high in Orem! 
But yeah things have just been crazy! THATS SO SICK BROOKE GOT THAT JOB!!! CONGRATS TO HER!!! Sounds like everyone's experiencing a lot of success in the family! And y'all be hittin up that cruise! Smooth sailing indeed! Just don't watch Lost or Titanic....
But...nothing else happened ha ha. We play ball a lot! For finding we go over to 22nd street  and ball up a bunch of straight thugs. Like think of hard core thugs like in movies...yep. That's who we hang out with! It's way fun and they're pretty nice people In a weird sort of round about way. Woohoo! 
Well smooth sailing and make sure to listen to the words of living prophets this weekend! Have a question(s) in mind and pray and ponder and be willing to ACT on the answer. Maybe your question can do I invite my neighbor over for dinner with the missionaries? Just as an example ;) 
Have fun! I'll let you know what happens to me!
Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,
Elder Bryson Davies
Oh so by the way........the entire first paragraph of my email was a lie!! APRIL FOOLS!!!! WOOHOO! We actually didn't teach a single lesson last week and I'm still in Tampa :)

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