Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Week Fifty-Nine!

Color Run!

So this week, once again not a lot happened! Ha! Lots of walking. Oh quick question why is the flag at half mast? We don't know much out here about the world. We had interviews on Thursday
 with President Cusick. Me and him talked A LOT about exact obedience and how it's the
only way to success and spiritual enlightenment and guidance. I really took a look at what I've been doing the last little while and realized that I defs wasn't being exactly obedient and therefore I was frustrated and not having any motivation. That was a rough realization. But on Sunday when I took the sacrament I felt a forgiving Spirit in me and a remotivation plant itself inside me. So I kinda started back at square one yesterday! Me and elder James both want to be more obedient because we know we're just gonna be running in circles if we don't and we're going to be taken out of this area if we don't get things started here.
So we went Sunday night and tried to see a ton of members in our new Temple Terrace area that were all on the same few roads and found a ton of Hispanics there! The members weren't living in most of the houses, but we still invited and left a prayer (new name for peace and blessing) with all of them. It was an awesome successful night! And it was so much easier to talk to straight random people, black, Hispanic, or white, along the way because we were filled with the Spirit! 
President Cusick called us and we talked about our area and he said he's really pleased with our work and efforts to recommit ourselves to be obedient. He gave us some
new ideas to find and improve and it was awesome! I'm seeing him trying to change and that makes me want to change too! The Atonement is for everyone!

Besides that nothing much else happened! Hope you like all the pics!
Have a safe week!

Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,

Elder Bryson Davies

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