Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Week Fifty Eight!


So...this is a tad late...because we haven't had wifi all day! Because
we went to the YANKEES GAME!! Straight up got pics of Jeter at bat and on short stop! And Bryce Harper, plays for the Nationals, also Mormon, didn't show. Sad day. But turns out one of the pitchers for the Yankees is Mormon and is in a ward in south Tampa and we talked with him! Elder Langi served in his ward so they're tight. I couldn't get his autograph though! Oh well. Memory is the next best thing right? But yeah I got pics of that AND the 5k, but on my camera!That old thing. So next time I email on a computer I'll shoot ya those. 
The race was so fun! Seemed way short, probably cause we got blasted with powder every quarter mile! We had to wear our white
shirts, tie and tag in it, which rocked because we stood out among the 8000 people that were there! So many people! And a few were Mormon we found out when they called us out and stuff. We even got a shout out from the head announcer on the starting line because we were going crazy and everyone looked at us and noticed how fun, normal, and cool Mormon missionaries are! We talked to a few people after and gave out cards, but it was mostly just to get our image out there and that we do normal cool things! Even the members we saw were like you guys can do this? Yes! Invite us to more stuff like this! So that was way way fun. I just threw away that shirt and tie I wore, they were crappy and ripped anyways. Pics will come! Meanwhile enjoy the one on 

So Rod "dies" tomorrow! Goes home on Wed! I told him to fb you guys to invite y'all to his homecoming. He's way excited. I'm way excited for him vicariously! So I get a new comp tomorrow. Each companionship in our district is getting a new comp! Elders Langi and Stanger are staying here with me, but we all get new comps tomorrow. And we're also moving tomorrow night! To the Grand Oasis apartments. It's a way nice one. Address coming next week. We're gonna live with Stanger and his comp.

Besides that stuff not much else going on....Juan is still progressing
well, coming to church and everything.

Well continue in the faith! Thanks for your prayers and such!

Live Hard,

Love Hard,

Laugh Hard,

Elder Bryson Davies

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