Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Week Sixteen!


We had two more baptisms over the weekend! One was Maria Teresa, we found, taught and baptized her within like two and a half weeks! That was awesome! And she was staying at a member's house and the members are solid so that helped A TON. We're really starting to see the incredible importance of using the members in the Lord's work. They need to step in and do their part! The other baptism was Jr. Santos! Of the Santos clan! Older bro of Alex and Neftaly! A month ago he didn't believe in God, now he's more excited and into it than ever! Alex baptized him and he'll be confirmed by one of us next Sunday. Dang some awesome stuff with the changes the gospel brings! And it was amazing too because we were at the Santos house a couple days ago (as always, we literally go there like almost everyday because they help us with the lessons) and we read the BoM with them and were going to leave with a kneeling prayer. Their little brothers were in there so we made them sit with us and Jesus (he's 8) just started praying! We just went with it! And right when he started their mom walked in and saw us all circled and kneeling and her 8 year old son praying, and it was a perfect prayer! Perfect structure and he thanked Heavenly Father for letting his older brother get "baptismed". The mom started crying and ran in and told the dad. And we're also starting to try to teach Jr's girlfriend, and like 10 other referrals we received last week. Got some good potentials! And of course...they're all young! It's with the chosen generation of young kids that are the ones who are prepared to make the change and come unto Christ!

Fun stuff. 

Oh Michael emailed me! So that was cool. Hopefully he keeps that up it's cool to hear from him given I haven't even seen him in like 87 years. 

Transfer calls are this Saturday and there are a TON of changes that're gonna happen in our zone this week just with missionaries that are finished and going home or have been here for too long and we think are leaving. Sister Summerhays specifically said, "Oh we can't split Elder Casey and Davies up, they're having way too much success." SO we're hoping that means he's staying. Because we have the potential to have more converts this next transfer too. But we'll find that out on Saturday! Besides all that the work is just the same. Day to day stuff. THis week is bike week. It's about 100 degrees here. Nice. FUN. But yeah.

Well that's all I can think of at this moment which probably means I'll think of about twenty more things when I log off. So yeah good luck with everything in the fam! Learn to divide your time wisely and focus on family time, gospel time, and fun time! 

Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,

Elder Bryson Davies

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