Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Week Seventeen!


So....yeah I'm still in Bradenton. Figured that was gonna happen. BUT Elder Casey is leaving me! My papa got transferred to Tampa! He's going there to be a zone leader, which is incredibly weird because he's so young, still under a year old. We found that out on Saturday and then, yesterday and today are basically just saying goodbye to everyone in this area because he's been here for 6 months, long time. It's been pretty rough for him to have to say goodbye to everyone, and it's hard for all of the recent converts to say bye to their missionary and the guy who basically baptized all of them! And guess how much pressure that puts on me with the recent converts to keep them all coming and stuff!? Uhh...a lot! I'm taking over my area tomorrow. INTENSE. It's pretty crazy stuff. I'm getting.....Elder Evans! No idea who he is. He's from Utah around Salt Lake Valley area. He's been out for about 14 ish months, so his Spanish is probably way good....WHEW! Don't have to worry about that one! Ya know Elder Hall? MTC comp? He's totally training where he is right now. Pretty crazy. I'm glad that didn't happen to me! Taking over and area and training! No thanks. But yeah it stinks that Casey's leaving....Tomorrow morning it'll go down. 
But some good news! Baptism of Angie Sorto yesterday! (Abi's little sister) I baptized her! And it was flawless! First perfect one!...................Except for the fact that the font was draining while we were waiting and so when we got in it was half full and so she had to get on her knees when I did it to make sure she went all the way under......but it was flawless! Pretty great. And Jr. Santos got confirmed! And he's solid.
Everyone's here at the church for one last hurrah. Like all the missionaries and all the youth and some leaders. We be playing trash ball and dodgeball and such. Pretty fun! Our zone is getting completely changed! New zone leader, basically everyone's companionship got switched up besides Nitta and Buck the English guys we hang out with, and we're getting two new english and two new spanish sisters. My branch is gonna have seven missionaries in it! That's crazy for a ward let alone a tiny branch! It'll be pretty crazy. 
But yeah anyways that's been the happenings here. Tomorrow I get a new comp and then the fun begins! WHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,

Elder Bryson Davies

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