Monday, June 3, 2013

Week Eighteen!

Well Casey's gone and Evan's is in! And I'm in charge of my area!!! Stressful. But it's chill. E. Evans is a boss. He's just my comp now, not trainer or anything. I don't even know if they do senior and jr comps out here? He's been out for little over a year. His spanish is pretty good. We're actually almost on the same level as talking, but the difference is he can understand absolutely everything anyone says. yeah I still can't but whatevs. We drove up to Tampa on Tuesday to make the trade with Casey and Evans. Wasn't too hard because I'll see Casey quite a few more times at conferences and such especially since the new Mission Pres. is coming in in like a month. That'll be pretty crazy. We have 7 missionaries just in our tiny little branch. That's a lot! But at least they took Sarasota so we don't have to travel all the way down there, since we only did it like once a week anyways. But yeah Evans is cool. He's crazy insane in a good way. Loves sports and superheroes. And eating. He lives in Riverton and he's 21 right now. He's a hard worker which is nice, I just have to make sure I stay a hard worker since I'm basically in charge of every single decision of the day for these first few weeks!
But this past week has been good. We have some potentials for baptism for next Saturday (15th) from those girls we call "The Crew". So we'll see how that goes!
That's crazy about Cameron getting baptized. I didn't know he was that old! Yeah I've seen a couple kids get baptized, but it seems more normal for me out here right now to see an older person get baptized, I forget sometimes that 8 year olds can get baptized too! Ha...weird. Pretty nifty how the whole family could be there too. Sweet stuff the gospel does with families yeah??
That is crazy about Brother Peterson??? I totally learned from him like every week. We just got a referral for a non member who's a daughter of a member and her husband just passed away like 2 weeks ago and she's young and has a couple of kids. So here we come to help! It's at those times when people especially need the gospel in their lives! Because how depressing would it be to only think that they're just gone? Bye bye. That's it. Solid black for eternity. THAT WOULD NOT BE COOL. So we spread that to everybody here that there IS a life after this one! Obviously! It's way comforting.
TAIWAN!! That's so cool! Dang lucky you guys are! That'll be sweet to get pics and stuff from you guys! Good luck with that! I am definitely gonna send off those prayers and whatnot for ya'll. It'll be good!
Well not too much happened this past week besides making the switch and showing Evans around and teaching lessons and graduations.
Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,
Elder Bryson Davies

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