Monday, June 10, 2013

Week Nineteen!

What the flippin Taiwan?!? That's basically like the coolest thing ever in the world. Basically. Hey I had tripe last week too! It was pig stomach though. Nasty texture like chewing on rubber! Cool fun stuff. We eat a lot of weird things here too and it's the same thing where we just have to eat everything! Can't say no to anything and have to eat ten and a half plates of it. Or we just go to Hungry Howie's (pizza buffet place, the place everybody goes to) and we just eat pizza for days and get fat on purpose.
Welcome to the life of not understanding everything and being a total minority! Fun right? It's a humbler that's for sure. Except you guys don't have to be expected to speak the language! Lucky ducks.
Tropical storm for days down here in the boonies! Nice. Did you know they can't have basements where I'm at because like 12 feet underground is water?? Fun fact. But yeah it rained for days here. Thursday we couldn't leave our apartment....ALL DAY LONG. We had to stay in and do NOTHING because of the tornado warnings and flooding warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings that were happening all day. There was a couple tornadoes that touched down but like an hour away from us was the closest one. Our whole mission was on lockdown in our apartments. We were so bored! The weather radio we have would go off like a siren every like half an hour when another update came in on the tornadoes. But here in Bradenton it just rained and poured all day. We've been caught in like a five minute storm every now and then on our bikes, which means we got completely soaked and then the sun came out and we just sat in our wetness for the rest of the day. FLORIDA! And you guys get to experience the weather aspect too over yonder in Taiwan!
That's way sweet you guys get to talk to the missionaries yonder. They probably love you guys! It's always a relief to talk to somebody that's just solid in the church and has no problems with it....I have yet to experience that, but I'd imagine it'd be pretty cool!
The work is slowing down...a lot. We had to drop three baptisms that were this Saturday because they didn't come to church. We're really just trying to make progress with the people we have and our recent converts so they stay active and finding new people. Every week we have about 95% or whatever attendance of recent converts which is good! Me and Evans are getting along way good! No problems so far and he's chill enough to not ever have a problem with anything.
Oh I saw Casey last week! He came to pick up his bike and drop off Evans'. Talked for a little bit. He's up yonder in Tampa doing that ZL thingy. He says it's good, not as awesome as this area!
So....don't really know what else to talk's just the same! Getting hotter and wetter! SWEET BEANS!
Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,
Elder Bryson Davies


  1. Im not sure who is in charge of posting Bryson's emails on this blog but my name is Alyson Young and i went to high school with Bryson. I just received my mission call last night and i am assigned to his exact mission!! I am wondering if there is any way i can get his email or his address to write him a letter?

    1. Hi Alyson. Congratulations on your mission call! That is very exciting. We have the address of the mission home. He gets that mail quite often. You probably have it too, but here it is...

      Elder Bryson McKay Davies
      Florida Tampa Mission
      13153 N Dale Mabry Ste 109
      Tampa, FL 33618
      United States