Monday, June 24, 2013

Week Twenty One!


Okay...the meeting last night! None of our predictions came true...but it was still way spiritual! It's awesome to hear and watch Apostles and Prophets of God out here. It's like a boost of spirituality. That broadcast is exactly what every ward and branch needs to implement immediately. It stuck out a lot to me and Evans that they said that we as missionaries are here to assist the wards and branches with missionary work. They are supposed to be filling our planners with lessons and dates.
Oh...we set a date with Zamari and JJ!  Their date is the 7 of July! And their way super solid now and willing to follow all the commandments and make the changes so that's SWEET! So those will for sure happen. The's pending. They didn't come to church yesterday so we're going to talk with them tonight to make sure they understand the importance and stuff of baptism and actually living the gospel and baptism's not the end, but the beginning! It's the door!

We had our last bye byes with President Summerhays. It was in the form of just a specialized training which included like two zones at a time and he just traveled on down through the mission. We had a tiny training and then a slide show of the mission and then a big Q and A thing with them both! That was pretty cool to do. Just get a lot more relaxed and ask questions about life, the gospel, their spirituality and stuff, oh and marriage! Yeah they gave us a lot of marriage advice! That was the part that everybody whipped out their notes for. And it was perfect worthwhile advice that I'm totally gonna follow! And so they leave next Monday and that's the day the new one starts! President Cusick (I think that's how you spell it) seems way cool. Pres. gave us a background on him and his family and stuff. Their kids are all grown up and moved out or on missions except their 15 year old daughter will be living with them. It'll be interesting! Hopefully a smooth transition. The assistants said that there's gonna be a ton of changes in the next few months, with how we do things and everything, but also with the technology! IPADS AND IPHONES! Ah man that's gonna be insane. We're excited for that. No more lugging around fifty pound backpacks with two sets of twenty pound scriptures and such. So they're doing two conference things next week on the 3 and the 4 I think, north and south, to meet the new Pres.

But everything else is good. It's hot like the dickens, but that's norms. Sweating like a hog is fun on the daily. Something I'm totally used to now! Constant wetness.

Oh! And we moved! Across the hallway....the other apartment was beyond disgusting so we had to move across the hall to a vacant apartment. But yeah our new apartment's the exact same, just not as disgusting and homier and has hardwood floors and painted walls and such. Good stuff. It's week 5 of the transfer! So two more weeks until transfer calls! Find out if I stay here or peace out!

That's all I got for now. Probs gonna think of more stuff later that I forgot. Normal.

Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,

Elder Bryson Davies

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