Friday, June 21, 2013

Week Twenty!


This past week has been pretty good. Hot but it's been car week so not bad at all! This week however....gonna be hard on bikes. But hey I'll lose the five pounds I gained last week. And more! We reset a baptism date for those girls we call The Crew! There's only three of them now that are actually progressing, Liz, Aide (who we call Bring-Bring), and Janet (who we call Sasha). 14, 17, 13. They are awesome! They've been coming to church and we've been reviewing the lessons with them so they actually understand everything. Their date is the 30 of June! And it's gonna happen for sure this time! We also found another group of three women/girls. It was a referral from a member, her daughter and two granddaughters. The daughter, or mom, has taken the discussions and everything a long time ago and thinks she knows everything we're going to tell her. And she says that we're closing our doors to people so they can't get to God by not allowing everyone to go into the Temple. One of her daughters, or granddaughters of the member, is 21 I think and the father of her baby just got killed, we think shot?, like three weeks ago and that's why she moved back here to her mom and little sister. So right now she's just mad at God and blames him for everything and doesn't get why bad things happen to good people like her and she says God has never given her a break in her entire life. Yeah....but the other sister, 16, is pretty solid and wants to learn more and will probably get baptized really easily! 

So this next Sunday is a broadcast of a meeting from the First Presidency! They're saying it'll be the most monumental impact or meeting or whatever on missionary work in the history of the church!!!! So all missionaries are required to go along with mission leaders, and members are invited as well. The meeting is titled "The Work of Salvation".

So last Monday we were eating at a members house and we were teaching them a short lesson afterwards. The wife is pregnant and she's due this week. So we finish the lesson and we get up after and tell them to call us to update us on their baby and when it comes. And then she tells us it might be coming tonight because she's been having contractions since we came over!! Me and Evans started freaking out! (horrible future husbands) But she told us she was fine because she had been, and I quote, "swallowing the contractions"...............what in the heck does SWALLOWING a baby contraction mean??? 

So yeah nothing else really going on differently here. We totally ate at Little Ceasars twice this last week so that was a wonderful Utah pasttime. We've been making Nitta Bar's for days. Elder Nitta invented them. Best thing of my life. Normal american tortilla. Peanut Butter on the tortilla. Blueberries everywhere, cut up strawberries everywhere, oatmeal or granola everywhere, (able to add nutella or banana if desired), roll up like a tight burrito. Eat. LOVE LIFE. It's pretty amazing and wonderful. Make it. Love it. 
Nitta Bar. 

Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,
Elder Bryson Davies

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