Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Week Fourteen!

So this will probably be a pretty short one, given we're gonna just talk face to face (kind of) in a week!!
Pretty crazy how I can read your message (in Spanish) every week at the end of your emails and understand it right? FREAKY. I'm to the point where I can't remember when Spanish stuff I hear didn't have meaning! Like going on exchanges with english guys, which I did again, and having a conversation in Spanish or going off on a gospel topic with someone in Spanish, and then the english guy is like okay what are you guys saying?? Weird. Gift of tongues right?
So this last week was a TON better. Me and Casey are way cool now...most of the time. We're tight though. I'm his son, he's my father, it's one of those relationships ya know? It's good. It actually stinks to think that next transfer he might not be here! We're hoping he stays or we get a new guy to double train since we're having so much success in this area in this time. We've got Jr. Santos' baptism coming up, had to move it to the 19th because of work. And we have another date set with a girl, Marilu Chapa, who we met the first week I was here, and then she disappeared and never texted us back, and now she's back, she's best friends with a member, and she's solid and ready to be baptized on the 26th! Pretty cool how there's a plan for everyone right? Always.
On the 19th is Stake Conference and two general authorities are coming to preside! Elder Cardon, who's come here before for the missionaries, and...another guy I don't know the name of. Pretty cool stuff. And right now Elder Anderson is up in Tampa going around with missionaries filming segments with recent converts and such for some video their making for the church! Our zone leaders got chosen to help him out so they've just been driving around with Elder Anderson for a week! I guess it's because that area's been having a ton of success lately.....and we think it's because that's his wife's home ward.
So that's pretty much it I suppose. Voy a llamarles este proximo Domingo como a las 5 o 6 en la tarde, segun las horas de Florida entonces. Hagan las preparaciones necesarias! Nos vemos el Domingo!
Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,
Elder Bryson Davies

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