Monday, April 29, 2013

Week Thirteen!

So lot's of stuff....yeah not really. HOT AND HUMID. That's the theme for this last week and definitely the upcoming 100+. Biking is so fun! Not really though. Here's my address! Finally remembered! 210 3rd St. West #3111 Bradenton, FL 34205. It's in the Watermark apartments right next to manatee river. You can look at the bridge just to the west of us that we bike everyday with 80 mph winds at our faces.

So the work is picking back up. We had another baptism yesterday! Felipe Sandoval is the man. Kid actually. He's 19. Friend of the Santos family (Alex (18) and Neftaly (14)). AND Alex (has had the priesthood for a month) did the baptism!! Awesome. Recent convert baptizing his best friend, and what? Oh yeah we set a date with Alex's brother too, Jr. (he's 20) , for the 12th of May, but we're going to try to move it up to next Sunday. A couple weeks ago Jr. didn't even know or believe that God existed. Now he wants to hang out with us, give us rides, learn new stuff. The change in these people is insane. Felipe started out before I got here saying that people only have religion to feel safe and he didn't believe in God. Baptized. Alex and Neftaly didn't believe in God. Baptized. Jr. believed in science. Baptism set. They're parents, father drinks constantly and mother was the reason Alex and Neftaly didn't get baptized for so long. Baptism set for 26 of May. This whole family is being changed by this gospel. Jr. is seeing it in his brothers and he wants the happiness they have. We all came home from church yesterday and their mom was just sitting away watching tv and we all came in laughing and smiling and Alex was so happy because he just baptized his best friend, and so the mom sees their change, especially in Jr., and she wants to be a part of it. The change that this gospel does in the lives of everyone is insane to see first hand. We have another date for the little sis. of Abi Sorto (beach baptism), her name's Angie Sorto and is set for the 12th of May. Another guy we're working for a date if he can quit drinking is the 19th of May. So stuff is starting to happen again and it's crazy how it all just blew up all over again. Pretty amazing to be a part of it all and see and feel all of these things that can only be felt on this mission. Cray stuff.
Anyways....running races yeah? I miss running. Can't really do it out here that much, just bike. But those races are way awesome! Way to keep it up. By the end of my mission I can start doing 150 mile bike races I'll have thighs of steel. I've been gone for a decent amount of time I guess! It is so hard sometimes I'll be honest, but it's just the fact that I have to accept this as my life now and I don't have any other option. Because if home is an option in my head, during those hard times I'd be on the plane. So I don't let that be an option. I heard of some of my friends from high school coming home already and they were in the mtc about the same time as me. Stinks to hear that. But it is the hardest thing ever. I'm beginning to experience the difficulties of being with the same person 24/7 for 3 months straight. It's quite frustrating...basically a lot. He has mood swings like a roller coaster and so I try to deal with it. And he doesn't really know how to say things nicely? So everything he says now is like a command in a negative way with a ton of "you're an idiot". Same if I ask him a question so I just don't talk much in general anymore. And my spanish isn't really growing because now he just does all the talking period, english and spanish, so I don't talk much anymore, and then he gets mad at me for making him do all the talking...right. Nice. I'm dealing with it though. Trying to be positive ish.
Well keep up the awesome stuff!!

Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,
Elder Bryson Davies

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