Monday, April 8, 2013

Week Ten!

How bout that conference huh?? It's about a thousand percent different as a missionary because you think of how everything applies to you, but also for about thirty million other people too at the same time! Good stuff about the family too. How some of the most important work we can do in this life is that within the home. We try to get that across to people here, but they don't really get it. A lot of families here aren't "families". Especially coming from Utah and thinking I knew what a "not" family was and what family problems were. Boy that was a slap in the face over  and over and over here. It's hard to teach how God loved us so he gave us families to people when they either don't have  family or their family isn't even close to what a family should be. People out here go their whole lives not even knowing what love is in their life (remember the talk about that girl that came from the darkness and needed to be shown the light because she didn't know it even existed? Twas Uchtdorf) But yeah things are rough in families out here. So it makes me thankful for ya'll back at home! Even though we go through hard times, that's life and we need to continue to show unconditional love for each other because that's the way that God wants it and He gave us families in the first place, so we need to show Him respect. And that one guy who talked about marriages: Marriage is a gift of God, the quality of our marriage is our gift to Him. That's pretty crazy true. So much of the world doesn't even realize what a blessing it is to have that eternal companion, and that's talking about all the members of the church! People take it for granted and don't try to work through problems with God and Christ as their guide and they lose the love they once had. It's sad that that is something that is failing in the church today.
But anyways happiness! FIRST BAPTISM DONE AND DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah I baptized a lady named Maria and elder Casey baptized her two little daughters! AND duh I had to mess up on my first time. How would it be memorable without messing up? Turns out when you ask "Cual es su nombre completo?" to a hispanic person you should ask about ten times to make sure they don't have any hidden names, and most of them have like 5 names. So I missed one of her names! Oh well Casey noticed and I just redid it anyways. But it was all good! That was Saturday afternoon. And this Saturday is the beach! It'll be at about 6 ish in the afternoon. I'm baptizing one girl and Casey's baptizing the other!
Tomorrow and the next day, two days in a row, we're doing exchanges with two sets of english missionaries. Tomorrow I'll be by myself with an english kid that doesn't speak spanish in my area, that'll be Elder Fisher, but then Wednesday I'm going to the english side of things and hitting that up that'll be with Elder Buck. Fun stuff!
Oh for the priesthood session we had a whole four members show up!!! Whoo!! Ha ha nothing like Utah here. Nobody comes to even the english one really. Like maybe fifty for an entire city? Weird. But I watched the whole thing in Spanish! That was the only one I watched in Spanish because I obviously can get more out of english right now, but I still understood a lot! That was interesting to get the translation going on. Weird.
I'm gettin pumped for the heat! It's starting to get HOT here. And it's not an average hot. It's death hot and wet and sticky all the time. WHOOOO!!! And I'm on bikes this week! Party and a half coming up for this big guy.
Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,
Elder Bryson Davies

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