Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Week Twelve!


This last week was transfer week. Obviously in the same place. I'm basically guaranteed to be here at least 4 transfers, so I'm just enjoying it! Casey will probably leave the next transfer. We got another new Hna. Hna Danes from Colorado Springs. She just turned twenty on Saturday. She's pretty cool! And we're going to be getting new english sisters in Bradenton, spanish elders in Sarasota. Sisters are going to be starting to be put into leadership positions too! District leaders and zone leaders status.

This last week was long. Because we did so much knocking and trying to contact and whatnot. Oh and I'm driving this transfer! E. Casey is having me drive so I know the area better. Yeah driving in Florida is hard. Everybody just honks. Almost died like 80 times. Chill. And this week we're on bikes. 100 degrees, 85 humidity. Nice. Gonna sweat like a pig on a hot hawaiian bbq. 

Nothing really happened this week. Went on another exchange this last week. Elder Watkins. He's from Cali but lives in Hawaii cause his dad teaches there. He's way awesome! AND he spends a ton of time in PG! His cousins live there and he goes there a ton for holidays and whatnot! They live right behind the theater we live next to! Their last name is....Smyth. I think. The Smyths. They should at least be in our stake. So look them up! He's my zone leader here. 

Yep....don't really know what else to say...been like halfway sick for like two weeks. It's kinda hard because I'm constantly exhausted....or maybe that's just because I'm on a mission...that might be it too. 

I get NO MAIL. So like if you wanted to send a blank piece of paper every now and then it'd be cool. I get the dearElders like every few weeks so those are cool when they come. I get those like two weeks after you send them. But emails are good to look forward to every week so that's nice. Still keeping in contact with all the homies! They're doing way good. Enjoying all the crazy things going on. Craig sent me a pic of a dead squirrel. Maybe I'll try to send that to you since I don't have any. Everyday is just a mush. The only days that exist are P-days and Sundays. WEIRD. But it's going good. We try to do things to spice it up every now and then so it doesn't get boring and such, because knocking for like three hours does have its boring moments. 

It's pretty great with Spanish. We had a huge meeting with all the ward group leaders yesterday. We only talked about missionary work for like ten minutes at the end, but during the whole thing, since to understand Spanish I still have to think about it, if I got bored I would just not try and nothing that was being said made any sense! Hard to explain but it's nice every now and then to do that. Can't really do that when english people are talking because you can always understand what they're saying, not here!

I got nothin else! You should send me all the info I'm gonna need for the mother's day call in three weeks! Don't know what I need, but you probably do yeah? So you can send that and we're going to find someone to do it at these next couple weeks.

Alright good luck on everything this week!

Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,

Elder Bryson Davies 

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