Monday, April 1, 2013

Week Nine!


I don't have hardly anytime today so it will be very short. I just got on a computer after a bunch of missionaries that were using ours in our apartment complex place. So sorry in advance but no pics or anything.

But anyways! Let's start with yesterday! I CONFIRMED THREE PEOPLE AND GAVE THEM THE CONSTANT COMPANION OF THE HOLY GHOST!! So I guess that's pretty cool. I was way nervous for it and I'd been trying to get more words in my vocabulary throughout the week just in case I needed to use them because I wanted to be able to say what I needed to and what they needed to hear and in a way that everyone could understand. So that morning I was praying and studying way hard for it, focusing on the two of Alex and Neftaly because at the time I didn't know I was going to be confirming Viviana the same day. So before I was way nervous and so were they! But we went up and right when we put our hands on them a huge amount of power flowed in me and all nervousness vanished. I went into the blessing and said everything as it popped in my head, every thought I got I tried to go off of it because I figured that was what I needed to say at that moment, and I went until my head was blank and then I ended it! And the same thing with Neftaly who was second! And we went and sat down and I couldn't stop smiling and they couldn't stop smiling and Casey told me that I said the entire thing perfectly with no mistakes....!! I conjugated everything perfectly, I used "tu" form which you need for blessings and I never use it normally, and he said I used words that I've never even said before and we've never gone over!! It was CRAZY. Such a testimony builder that: the gift of tongues is REAL, because there's no way I could talk that perfectly now, it was only for the moment that I needed it most. The Holy Ghost has immense power. And Heavenly Father cares about each one of us individually and perfectly. Later we baptized Viviana which was awesome! And then since we can't confirm her really next week because of conference we just did it right after. It wasn't as perfect as the other ones because I just wasn't as prepared and it was on the spot, but I still followed the Spirit and got across what I needed to say. 

But yeah I'm really really basically out of time because they're telling me to hurry and I just started. Cool. But this morning for P-Day we went to Anna Maria Pier! Look it up! I have pics but no time this week to send them. We chilled on the pier and watched people fish. Then we went and ate at a place I can't remember the name of but it was literally right next to the beach. Like some of the tables were out on the sand. AWESOMENESS!!!! I'll have to send the pics next week because they're basically sweet. Anyways sorry this is so short! We have three more baptisms on Saturday! And two for the 13th and they want to get baptized...where?.....oh the OCEAN! So that's going down for sure! HAVE A GOOD SPRING BREAK!!!

Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,

Elder Bryson Davies

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