Friday, July 26, 2013

Week Twenty Five!

Nothing huge going on, just the work of salvation. Oh! Before I forget! Watch the Rays game on August 3rd! It's Mormon Night and all the missionaries are allowed to go to the game! So we might be shown on the tv! So that'll be awesome right there. MLB game.

So like really don't know what to talk about. We biked all the way to Ellenton which is like two cities away because we figured nobody had actually gone finding there before since it's so far away. On the ride there and the way back we were constantly being pelted like NONE OTHER in the face and body with the tiniest little fly things that I are only in Florida. They all decide to fly 5 ft. off the ground exactly where our eyeballs and faces are. And you would brush off one shoulder full of flies, then the other, and then look back and the shoulder would be black again with bugs! Annoying! And then I carry a sweat rag with me, so after I wiped my face and head and the towel was just black because of all the bugs I just scraped off with sweat from my face. We were very annoyed and so done. So we went and got a Large Frosty at Wendy's and it made things better. Eating problems away! I think I still have some bugs living in my shirt pocket.

Oh...and in response to your question...I read my pat. blessing like 72 times a month. So I basically got it memorized! It's way good and helpful. And I could read one thing one day and get revelation, and then a different day read the same thing and get different revelation because of my situation and attitude. It's like the scriptures. Way awesome things. We actually gave like 3 lessons on those this past week to members and recent converts. Awesome stuff! Ya'll best be putting time to reading those! If not....wo unto thee! No but really we should be reading those and receiving revelation and guidance AT LEAST once a week. Some people with them complain they don't receive revelation after praying a ton, but they don't read that blessing or the scriptures. ANSWERS RIGHT IN FRONT OF US. We just have to be smart enough to open that which we already have to receive the answers we need.

So we had interviews with Pres. Cusick the other day. And he talked with our zone a bit afterwards. He told us how important that Broadcast was. And is! So go and visit the "Hastening the Work" website the church has! Study it and love it and live it and share it! Do everything with it! He told us that during that time of the broadcast was the new mission president seminar and training. At that training they had every member of the quorum of the twelve and the first presidency talking to them. That doesn't happen! He compared it to the time of the coming of the Book of Mormon because in those times when those events happened nobody really understood the true magnitude of what just happened, but now looking back those things changed the world and the lives of everyone in it. So it's a HUGE focus for us with members to teach what that website has and spread it through the world.

But besides that nothing huge has happened...........

Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,

Elder Bryson Davies

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