Thursday, August 8, 2013

Week Twenty Six!


Tuesday I went on an exchange with Elder Tueller (zone leader) down in Sarasota. SO FUN! Finally got to meet all new people and a new area I've never worked in. Oh it was nice. We taught a Hindu indian woman and she told me how to get rid of a stomach ache by pinching my hand in a certain spot. Then we taught a lady who was baptized in December and is crazy in love with the church. Her husband was in Newsies! He's the guy in the boxing scene that gets punched in the face! Cool stuff. And then the next morning we went and did a quick lesson 1 with some new investigators for them and set two baptism dates!

Then we started teaching some new people! One is a cousin of Alex and Neftaly. We taught him lessons 1 and 2 so far. he likes them and says they just make sense. Then there is Esmerelda and she has like 5 little siblings and just her mom. So we're going to try to get the whole family into it and that would be so nice to add another huge family with tons of little kids and youth to the branch! So we're working with them, and they love us, who wouldn't?, so they always want us to come back. (P.S. I learned with them that throwing a kitchen knife into a tree is actually really simple).

But then Saturday came. We went to a party at Myakka state park down in Sarasota. Sweet park! Totally forgot my camera! LAME. But they had a ton of food, two giant blow up water slide things for all the kids and a bounce house and blasting music, and we played soccer! First time on my mission playing soccer with Hispanics! It was fetching intense. First time I've like ever actually played a real game of soccer. I totally did awesome. And sweated beyond compare and got a sick awesome burn/tan! Way way fun to play with all older men that want to relive their glory days and the little kids who are as good as the pros.

But yeah that's about all that's happened this week! Keep up the awesomeness and spirituality of awesomeness! Good luck this week!

Live Hard,

Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,

Elder Bryson Davies

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