Monday, August 26, 2013

Week Thirty!


This is Elder Davies in Arcadia, Florida! Yep I am in Arcadia. The smallest town I've ever laid my eyes and ears upon. Picture the scene in Monsters Inc when they say "mama there's another gator in the house" "another gator?? boy get me that shovel!"......Arcadia. In a nutshell. Good people! The members of the branch here (all 35 of them) are way nice and humble, most humble and nice you'll meet! There's like 5 Spanish members that are active right now in the branch that get a translation during the English services. And then we have gospel principles class in Spanish. Then they just leave because the third hour's in english just with all of the priesthood together. There's one young man and one young woman. Like 7 or 8 primary kids. It's fun! Sunday was funny. The way they do things and everything. The stake president was there and he's like "we just don't have this much fun in the big wards." It's very true. We live with the two English Zone Leaders for this area. Elder Kenyon from Washington and Elder McKenna from Farmington, UT. They're way awesome and fun so living with them is fun. We're still in the Bradenton Stake so no change there. 

Oh! so my companion is Elder Liddle! And guess where he's from? Oh just over there across the sea from a little place called Doncaster, ENGLAND. Yep! My companion is a blonde Englishman! Born and bred! Sweet thick English accent. Says things that we would never say here. Good stuff! And I get to teach him how to speak Spanish with an English accent! It's fun. He's so awesome. He's 20 years old. Should have pics next week of everything. Being a trainer is fun. I was definitely blessed to be put in the house of two zone leaders because they know what they're doing so if I ever have questions I can ask them. 

Right now we're starting from literally ground zero in this area. It just opened up for English like 6 months ago after not having missionaries here for 2 years. And now we're the first Spanish missionaries here in like 3 years! So we started off with two investigators from the zl's because they could barely teach them because they only speak spanish. So we're doing a lot of knocking. A LOT. We spent a whole day this last week just walking around and hitting up every road we could in a small area looking for Hispanic houses. Lot harder than it sounds. But it's all good. We're staying busy with that. We're going to start an English class on Wednesday and a lot of members told us that's a good we'll see! Oh we're on full car here too! Sweet relief! Nice car too. Brand new Ford Fusion. Sweet doggies. Our area's ginormous. The zl's told us that we'll most likely never leave it if we get lost. They said if you are driving and you see nothing but cow pastures for about twenty minutes, then you should probably turn around. Arcadia! It's definitely a different experience. Tons and tons and tons of trailer parks and mobile homes and what nots. 

304 Providence St.
Arcadia, FL 34266

Elder Christofferson came to a Stake Conference on Sunday! But it was for the stake above us...And the zone leaders got to go to it and a personal training with him for all the zone leaders of the mission! Freakin lucky. They told us it was insane. They were basically in the presence of an apostle all day. 

Anyways...that's about it!

Have a good week this week! I better have like 5 nephews or nieces when I come home! I'm getting very brown from being constantly walking in the sun! Elder Liddle's getting very red!

Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,

Elder Bryson Davies 

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