Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Week Twenty Eight!


So this last week has been pretty crazy.

Monday: P-Day played flag football and ultimate with the zone. Did it barefoot (horrible idea) and got some mondo cuts and such on my feet. And it was like a billion degrees outside and I was sweating like a pig. Oh and my big toe nail fell off. Okay actually I pulled it off after the game. Grossness.

Tuesday: Zone conference with like almost all of the south of the mission together with Pres. Cusick down in Port Charlotte. That was way cool. Lots of talk of the changes in our mission, new upcoming things, rules, etc. We talked a lot about our calling and the responsibility that comes with it and if we are willing to accept that. If not then he invited us to talk with him. Pretty cool though. Learned a lot on how to better ourselves.
Wednesday: We did an exchange and I went with Elder Buck and his comp Elder Vanderpool came here with James. They had a crazy good day here, solid like 5 lessons and got 2 new investigators. Me and Buck went and visited a few people. A reverend of black church that told us about all of the murders in our area in the last few weeks. That was fun. We taught an ex-gang leader of a Satan worshiping group. That was...awkward. And had dinner with some Tongans, which was way tasty.

Thursday: Elder Buck volunteers to make me pancakes in the morning. As he's making them he gets a call from Elder Vanderpool. Hangs up all calm and tells me "uhh your companion's in the hospital." The first thing that ran through my head was what did they do within the hour of being awake that would make him go to the hospital? Found out that a mirror attacked him....We had a mirror in our shower that me and Evans put in there that was set up on a towel rack inside of the shower. It was basically immovable unless you tried to push it with some serious force. But James was just getting out of the shower and somehow it fell directly onto him and shattered into a billion pieces. One piece sliced his arm wide open on his upper arm and another piece fell and sliced open his left big toe. He opens the door and Vanderpool's like you okay? I'll call 911. So he called, gave him a blessing, and they came and picked him up and took him and Vanderpool was left in the apartment alone and that's when he called me and Buck. So Vanderpool had nobody with him and had the car but he had lost his license like the week before so he couldn't drive it. Me and Buck didn't have the car, and the other elders that did had hit a raccoon the night before and put it in the shop to get the bumper fixed. So we had absolutely no transportation. so we called english members for like 45 minutes and nobody answered. So Vanderpool has to call a spanish member that hardly speaks english to come get him and we had to call some youth spanish members to come get me and Buck. Finally get to the hospital and James is getting his arm and toe cleaned and numbed up. And from then on we watched the entire thing! Probably the most disgusting two and a half hours of my life. It was like watching a real life Saw movie. Opening flaps of skin on his arm and seeing his muscle. Watching it get sewed up like Frankenstein. And now we're probably gonna be on car again this week because he can't really do anything with his right arm and left foot. Later that night we got a call that cleaning checks on the apartment was gonna be the next day. Figures. So I had to clean the whole house, clean up all the blood that spilled everywhere (it looked like we had murdered somebody) and clean up all the glass in the bathroom. FUN STUFF. Oh and we got switched to twin beds and got another couch in our tiny apartment. I miss my queen size.

Friday: Didn't do much because James was basically dead. The docs never gave him medicine so all he's taking is the occasional tylenol. We had a branch missionary fireside/activity thing that the WML put together. Only 4 families showed up and they were the already solid families. So we watched a talk by Pres. Eyring from the last conference and sang a few songs and ate the food and left.
Saturday: We had a pretty good day. Taught a few lessons. Got two new investigators. We blessed our house finally. Never did that after we moved. There was some creepy stuff happening in our house, mirrors attacking, random claps in the middle of the night.

Sunday: Church was good. Had a good lesson with Neftaly last night.

So that's been the last week.

Enjoy the last week of summer! I know I will!
Transfer calls on Saturday!

Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,

Elder Bryson Davies

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