Thursday, August 8, 2013

Week Twenty Seven!

What up in the U...T...A...H?? This be the Elder Davies guy out here in Bradenton, FL. 

This last week a major topic with our recent converts (because we didn't have a single lesson with an investigator). We talked a lot about the importance of the sincerity of our prayers, and the faith behind them that they will be fulfilled in the Lord's time according to His will. And when something happens that might seem is the opposite of what we've been praying for we can't just say "Well God didn't care about or hear my prayer so I'm mad at Him". No. That's the worst thing we could do. People are always so easy to say yes everything's according to His will and His time, but when that faith gets tested they just crumble and blame God. It's so important to always know that whatever happens is happening for a reason and what happens could be according to our prayers and our faith. We need to see the positive side of things. Instead of "Ugh this happened I'm so mad" we need to ask "Okay why did this happen and what does the Lord want me to do with it". And that leads into more prayer and study in the scriptures and words of the prophets! Having that understanding relationship with our Father in Heaven is insanely important. He truly is our Father and He loves us and we need to love Him and respect and learn from all He does for us. Prayer is a gift and a privilege and has real power. The sooner we learn that and make it a habit in everything we do, the better off we will be and the easier it will be to instantly accept everything that happens in our lives or to just better understand it as well.

So there's that little sermon! Antyways....we went to a MLB game!!!! That was insanely awesome! got some sweet pics don't worry. And like everybody was there! Probably like 90% of our mission was sitting in the same section with the members that brought them so we were easy for everyone to pick out. And missionaries sang the national anthem so the entire stadium totally knew we were there! It was so sweet. Huge indoor stadium. It's only like 30 minutes away from where we live right now so the drive wasn't bad at all. Jazmin and Nora Carlos gave us a ride (have I talked about them before? They're basically some of our best friends here. Awesome members.) And Neftaly came with us because we needed a guy in the car! We went over the Sky Bridge there and on the way back. Sweet bridge. We stayed at the game until the middle of the ninth inning then we had to leave because we had to be home by 11. Elder Casey was there, Evans was there, Booth was there so there was A LOT of catching up with everybody. That was such a fun night! Oh! And I finally got to see Hermana Russell! Remember Jessy Russell? She's the girl that got called to the exact same mission as me like a few months after I got mine? Pretty cool to see her and talk with her! I've known her since Jr. High! Fun to see friendly faces.

I am here for at least two more weeks. Transfer calls are in two Saturdays. The next transfer is the one that's only 4 weeks long. So yeah still chillin' in Bradenton for now. 

Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,

Elder Bryson Davies

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