Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Week Twenty Nine!


So yesterday was awesome! The sisters from Sarasota had a baptism of a dad in a nonmember family who I taught back when Casey was here! He's been being taught for a long time. The sisters got them! The husband at least. So that was way cool to finally see. And ya know Jr. Santos? Yeah...I gave him the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday!!!!!!! He came out of his interview with Presidente and was like alright I guess you gonna give me the priesthood now...??? And we did it in front of the entire priesthood in opening exercises. It was in english so it wasn't incredibly difficult...sweet experience!

Not much else has happened this week.....Oh! I finally gave a testimony in church yesterday. First time I've gone up to the pulpit and spoken Spanish so far in my mission. I lasted like 7 months without having to. Oh yeah on the 23 it's my "7 month" mark! Technically according to days. But really technically according to transfers I'm at 7 and a half months right now! Crazy...Oh so I gave my testimony because it was my DEPARTING TESTIMONY!!!!!!! YEP THIS ELDER'S BEING TRANSFERRED!!!!!!!!!!! 

We got our calls on Saturday morning. President Cusick called so we knew it was transfer. And then that's all he said and he didn't tell James who he's getting....we were like that's weird...but then Pres. calls back and tells James he's going to have the opportunity to train! So on Tuesday we go to Tampa to get his trainee and it's weirdly different this time. Pres switched it up so EVERY missionary that's even only getting transferred has NO idea where they're going or who they're going to be with. So EVERY missionary that is getting transferred goes to a huge meeting on Tuesday and they'll be assigned then to their various areas. We don't really know why they're doing it that way..maybe it makes sense to them and we just don't get the big picture. So we'll go to the meeting at 11 on Tuesday in Tampa and get assigned to our areas and then right after we'll both pick up our trainees. Oh did I say we?? Because I meant....we. I am training! Yeah when pres. called he said he had two items of business for me, one that I would be getting transferred out of the area, and two that I would be training! So yeah Elder Davies is going to be training a new missionary for at least 12 weeks. But the thing is I really don't find out where I'm training him until Tuesday, which is weird...There are rumors of like 5 new areas opening up so the chances of me opening one of those areas is pretty high. Training. New area. Bring it. Should be interesting! Pres. made sure to get it in our minds, and he will again on Tuesday I'm sure, that being a trainer is one of the most important jobs there is. He says in level of importance it goes President of the mission, trainers, trainees, ap's, zone leaders, and district leaders. He told us to make sure we realize the responsibility we're taking on ourselves and how impactful it is to be a trainer. He told us how there are family members at home that have been praying that their son gets a good trainer........NO PRESSURE! Nah but it should be fun! I'm excited. I'm kinda one of those people that doesn't get overly excited about things or nervous, just kinda go with the flow. James will be training here in Bradenton. 

But yep yep besides that nothing much been going down! Just saying bye to basically everybody here, but again, not the kind of person that gets overly emotional, so I'm just like whatever and people are like are you even sad to leave?? And I'm like yeah! I just don't let it dominate me ya know? Society man. 

Oh and James is basically all better.....the stitches are out...kind of because he took them out himself with some scissors....

Have a good week! 

Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,

Elder Bryson Davies

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