Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Week Thirty One!


First off, yep! It's Tuesday! We had to work yesterday because everyone had work off. It was a perfect day for us to go out and teach everyone! So P-Day got moved to today. It's way weird. It's always been on a Monday, I think even in the MTC?

So yeah it's Elder Michael Liddle from Doncaster, England. He is awesome. He says so many things differently. Everyday I learn a new way to say like 20 different things. And when we go shopping he has no idea what any of the brands or food here (the majority of them) even is. He's getting Spanish real well and he's way willing to do door approaches (since that's basically all we do here) which beats what I was! And he just wants to keep doing the right thing and stay busy so that makes me actually get up and do something and try to lead the way. It's pretty hard in an area I don't even know! But he's keeping me in line, even though it should be the other way.

But we live in a little duplex thingy next to a giant field with a bunch of cows. Yep. Arcadia. We always say Arcadia with the "Activia" yogurt tune after things happen that would only happen in Arcadia. And there are many things that would only happen here. It rains like on the daily right around like 2-3 ish and when it rains it pours! And it's like 100 degrees before and after the rain. Makes sense. So we're like sweating like crazy walking around and then we get completely soaked by rain, and then it turns blistering hot and the hoards of mosquitos come out and eat us alive. "Arcadia". 

We played on some see saws that are in a park right next to our house before walking around an entire neighborhood for 3 hours. We got some sweet burnage on our bodies. Totally gonna turn into a good lookin tan. 

So we were eating with some members this past week and they were telling us some fun facts about Desoto County and Arcadia. Desoto County is the like 2nd to the most poorest county in all of Florida (which is like 67 counties). And is like 3rd or 2nd worst like education results in all of Florida. Like test scores. Like there's a bunch of members that even graduated from the high school here, they can't read. "Arcadia".

We're constantly knocking and finding. All we do. The only people that are progressing are like two young people that aren't wanting to get baptized until after they're married which is in January. Most people are too nice to say no when we ask if they want to learn more so they set up another day, and then they just don't answer when we come again. That's what we had all this week. We had like 12 set appts. Like 1 and a half of them actually happened. The rest just looked through their blinds and saw us waving at them and didn't open the door.

Oh yeah thanks for the packages! And for the one from Brandon and Brooke too! THANKS! We've already gone through the hankies one time and we have to wash them on all of our meal breaks because we sweat and wipe ourselves so much. And yes the M and M's survived...just were kind of on BIG m and m!

Oh and I E. Liddle knows loads of Davies' in England. Our name's popular there.

Good luck this week!

Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,

Elder Bryson Davies

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