Saturday, September 28, 2013

Week Thirty Four!


So this week was so much different! Ha joke. No it wasn't. Gotcha. Same old same old Arcadia Florida. We're really struggling with staying busy. Because there literally are times where there is absolutely nothing to do. We're discouraged from door knocking and that's the last thing we want to do anyways because that's what we did everyday for a whole month and absolutely nothing came from it. So that's a rough thing. WE're still like enjoying it and stuff, we just feel worthless a lot of the time and like we're wasting time because we can't do anything. Fun way to start out a letter!

Me and Elder McKenna are starting to do P90X from his ipod every other morning, so hopefully I can get back into some shape. I weighed myself at a grocery store the other day while we were posting up english class flyers and I haven't gained or lost a pound since I've been here! I think I've just converted muscle into fat. Lots of that southern food. The branch feeds us every now and then. Every week they get us a couple of big walmart bags full of food for all four of us so that ties us over for a while. We're doing well with food for sure. 

The weather here hasn't changed much. It rains like once a day for about half an hour or so. But when it rains it pours and you don't want to be outside when that happens. But not anything out of the norm. Yesterday in Sunday school the teacher talked about Mormon Helping Hands and how they're over in Colorado helping a lot....Me and E. Lids look at each other and say what happened in Colorado???...goes to show how much we find our about anything out here and to add onto it we're in Arcadia where people hardly even have tv's to watch the news!

Nothing crazy really went on this week. Nothing new. We'll see if we can't get our investigators progressing  more this week. And maybe find some new ones through referrals, not knocking. And there's just not really anything we can do with the members  either. Maybe try to stop by and see them and we ask for service every time, but nothing. And the english members don't know a single hispanic in the area, just hispanic areas that we already know. They don't intermingle here. Sad day.

Some cool thoughts from this past week from apostles. Elder Christoffersen, don't know if I already told you about this, but he said a lot of people focus on how the world's getting worse and worse and how it's going to get so dang horrible before Christ comes again. But the real matter is the world doesn't have to be wicked enough for Christ to come, it has to be righteous enough. The church is growing day by day very quickly and this is so the world is righteous enough when He does come. Adds more positivity to the end of the world. Nifty.

Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,

Elder Bryson Davies

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