Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week Thirty Three!

"Arcadia". Yep yep yep just truckin away here. Well actually just driving. Full Car. I'm gaining some poundage. But I've totally had severe diarrhea for like the last 4 days....so I lost quite a bit of the weight I was carrying around there! Maybe I could just do that everyday to lose weight...maybe make myself throw up too? That's not a bad thing is it?........
Oh...my guess...33-24 BYU.
I had my first dog attack this past week...probs one of the most traumatic experiences of my lifetime. I might've cried. NOT. But I did almost have a heart attack. We were just walking up to a guy outside his house and he just ran inside with his two dogs. Normal, most people run away from us. Then the front door to his house was left open and the two dogs come running out, Elder Lids says "Dogs are out", they skip him completely and run straight to me (figures) and one smaller one started jumping on me and a big fetching pit started going for my leg. I couldn't quite kick it in the face because the owner was right there, so I ever so gently....kicked it in the face, but it kept biting at my leg. Never punctured, just lightly bruised. Then the owner comes running up and screaming at them to get inside, cursing profusely as he does so. Yeah. Not fun.
Oh transfer calls were on Saturday. Came and gone. That was the four week transfer. This is the first week of this transfer now, back to six weeks like normal. The two ZL's we live with stayed the same, we obviously stayed the same. But we'll see what goes down in 6 weeks with all that jazz of change. But as for now still aqui. 
I talked with Elder James last night. He said the Crew isn't coming to church or letting them come over to teach them. That's just great. Happy news there. And he said Bradenton basically turned into what it's like here. Down to nothing really except trying to work off referrals that hardly come. 
We got stopped by a bearded lady in Walmart yesterday. Literally full grown hanging down beard. Basically an inch of dirt all over her body. She said she loved the "LDL" people. The "LDL" missionaries helped her find her old faith......I cried a little. 
Nothing much else going on here. Just trying to keep ourselves busy doing the work of Salvation. Pretty dificult right? 
Well have fun with this weeks activities! Football games, concerts, cougars oh my!
Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,
Elder Bryson Davies
P.S. We're emailing today because the internet wasn't working in the church yesterday. Hopefully gets fixed by next week. 

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