Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Week Forty One!


Yeah we like barely heard about the storm in the Philippines! That's crazy, but we didn't hear like any specifics or anything. I know a girl there on her mission! Are they still there or did they have to evacuate? 
So with all this change and stuff it's fun! I'm teaching a lot in English and less and less in we'll see how my Spanish goes. But we do still teach Spanish a couple times a week, we just don't have much time for Spanish finding and stuff. And it's a solid rule that we cannot knock doors for tracting purposes, only street contacting and other things we think of doing! REFERRALS! 

So our area.....our zone is all of the Bradenton Stake which is huge, but my personal area is Desoto and Hardee Counties. Desoto is both English and Spanish, Hardee County is only English because there's Spanish sisters up there. We're still on full car, we're using the one the english elders used when there was four of us here. Every Wednesday we go up to Sebring for District Meeting. Once a month we go to Sarasota for Zone Meeting where the Zone Leaders train us on stuff. We went there last week and guess what they said! FACEBOOK AND IPADS ARE COMING!!!!! Ah yeeyah! Facebook's already being used by the leadership (ap's, zl's) and their going to test out the ipads in the next couple of weeks and then after that we get ours! And the way they're doing it is each missionary would get their own personal ipad mini and take it with them no matter where they go so it's THEIRS and then at the end of the mission we can pay a certain amount and KEEP them!!! Ah snap! So we're not on Facebook or anything yet, but it's coming in the next month or two. 

I'm definitely teaching a lot more! Just in English though...ha ha but hey it's teaching and testifying! Pretty cool and fun stuff. A lot more of  a variety of people in the english world and different things I'm totally not used to, like people hating us and bashing. Woohoo! Not fun. Every Sunday we're picking out certain members (like 7-8 per week) to set up appointments with them to teach them how simple missionary work is, how they need to only invite, how they can, and then ask for referrals like crazy. It's been working so far! And it helps the members know us and trust that we're doing our purpose and working hard and understand what we do as they do it themselves. We have to be pretty straight up and bold with them a lot of the time when they are aprehensive and "too shy" or "don't know anybody". The Spirit is a great guide!

We do service like twice a week, one with a member who's building a corral for his cows, and one for Habitat for Humanity with houses and building stuff. I'm learning building and construction skills and painting skills. Lots of skills! So that's new and fun. So the member who we help with the corral, Bro. Moe, we stopped by his house to talk with him outside while he was working on it and then he got a call that said there was a dead cow in his field! So we totally drove out with him and sure enough, there was a giant dead cow with its legs straight out and stomach was hugely inflated so it ate something bad. So what does B. Moe do? Oh he gets a big rope, ties it around the cows neck and drags if off in to the of the most disturbing things I've seen in my life! The other cows weren't happy. They were hollering and yelling and stampeding. Scary cows.

So yeah some fun stuff right there. Too bad I couldn't get a picture of any of it. 

Well have fun with early Thanksgiving! Tell everyone I say "Hola and Howdy!" Not really any specific messages to pass along...."DO MISSIONARY WORK! INVITE EVERYONE YOU KNOW!" That's basically it.

Well hope all will go well this week! Enjoy the seconds!

Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,

Elder Bryson Davies

Veteran's Day Pics!

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