Monday, November 4, 2013

Week Forty!


Well dang diggy dang dang! Arcadia! Party! Halloween!

So this week was cray cray. Went to Tampa on Tuesday and went to the Transfer Meeting. That meeting was like one of the craziest dang meetings ever! There was like at least 3/4 of the mission there being transferred or training. We filled an entire chapel completely full! It took like an hour and a half to assign everybody. But during the whole thing there was like whooping and cheering and clapping and laughing like crazy as people were assigned. Probably the most insane and fun meetings ever. And most of it was because of Pres. Cusick! That guy is freaking awesome and a boss. Soooo fun that meeting. So obvi I'm with E. Kenyon here in zebra. And zebras are now all over the mission...even with the AP's! Oh guess who is now the newest AP....MY PAPA ELDER CASEY! Everybody flipped out when they announced that one, and so did he! Nobody ever even thought spanish going ap was possible! Well the norm is now tossed out the window here! There is nothing that's like "what usually happens" or "normal" here. Pres. Cusick basically dropped a bomb on the whole mission. In a good way! Just everything's completely different, but it all just makes sense and it's perfect. E. Lids is now in Apollo Beach with an elder just as old as him (mission-wise). No idea where that is! We're not zone leaders here anymore. Our ZL's are in Sarasota, so zone meeting is totally in Sarasota this week. Yay! Road trip! We're part of the norther district now though and E. Kenyon is the DL. We're with people from Seabring and Lake Placid and Peace River. So we'll be going up to Seabring for District Meeting each week.

CRAY CRAY!!! Fun and good though. Change is awesome. If change didn't happen...I'd defs not enjoy this nearly as much. like at all. ha ha

Halloween we worked normally throughout the day and then went to a trunk-or-treat thingy that night at the church. We got SO MUCH DANG CANDY! Like a bazillion pieces and bags and then 3 pizzas and 4 liters of soda and an apple pie and we got a giant chocolate cake yesterday with a whole pot of chili....i'm gonna die this transfer! This branch does really good with feeding us and they get us groceries and stuff every week. But there's only two of us and we can't eat it all! We like literally don't have time to eat it all. We have to have like 3 meals per meal. (isn't it funny i'm complaining that we have TOO MUCH food when there's missionaries that are like starving? FML! (Florida Mission Life))

Yeah hopefully Michael emails me or something....i don't have his address can't write him. We'll see how that goes with him!

RAGNAR!! And Donny and Marie! Lucky. Go run your hearts out! Not literally though...that'd be bad...and gross...and a mess. 

Me and E. Ken are getting along really well (as usual). He's from Washington state and he's been out about 18 months almost. I've been living with him for like 3 months already so we're basically not changing much with that. It's now just a lot emptier house since there's only two of us. We stacked the extra beds on top of each other so now my bed is four mattresses high. Woohoo!

We bus contacted here a couple days ago! Got on a bus (that's the size of like a big van, arcadian bus, seats like 12) but talked to everyone that got on and invited them all! Our branch mission leader drives it so we just stayed on it the whole route talking to everyone that came on. Probs something we're gonna do again! 

We also had a "week of the family" activity thingy for the community where a ton of different people put up booths for a few hours saturday morning and there was entertainers and stuff. So we put up a table and handed out a ton of family proclamations and pass along cards! It was way fun to just talk with bunch of people. Oh and by the way i'm teaching in English rocks. And I'm totally not used to it. At first it just felt like i was on an exchange. NOpe! It's legit! I'm a zebra! 

Well gotta go! Hope all is fun and safe with Ragnar and the other boss stuff y'alls gots this week! Have fun!

Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,
Elder Bryson Davies

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