Monday, October 28, 2013

Week Thirty Nine!


Well this week was okay. Stake Conference was great! Got to hear from the stake presidency and Pres. Cusick on Sunday. Everything was on hastening the work (because that's what everyone in the world is learning about). They announced their creating a new Spanish branch in Sarasota and a YSA branch there too. Pretty nifty! 

So! T-Calls came on Saturday. The ZL's we live with called the AP's for the transfer info and we totally just sat in the same room and didn't say anything so we could here the news earlier than everyone else. So they said everyone else and we were last, figures, and I'm totally LEAVING ARCADIA!!!!!!!!!!! go to Tampa on Tuesday and get my new companion and then coming back to Arcadia. Yep sir I'm staying here. The ZL's got released and now there are only 6 zones in our entire mission (1 per stake) and we combined with my old zone! So now I'm part of the same zone I was! That'll be weird. But it's spread out like a bazillion miles...We'll see how zone meetings go when the whole zone gets together! And Elder McKenna is transferring too. And the AP told us they're taking our Ford Fusion. And that only two of us would be coming back..........and they said that me and Elder Kenyon are both staying.......ruined that surprise! So I'm like 99% sure gonna be put in a zebra companionship here in Arcadia! I will probably now be teaching English and Spanish (with me being the only one that knows Spanish). So that'll be interesting! Elder James told me that back in Bradenton they just took over all of west Bradenton from Sisters and are now teaching English and Spanish as well. Zebra is the new thing I guess! Either Spanish and English elders will be put together, or the Spanish ones together will teach both English and Spanish. We'll see what that does to my progression of learning and using Spanish! That'll be tough. But fun! So we'll find out FOR SURE tomorrow. but that's most likely what will happen

I got to see the Santos at Stake Conference! That was way cool. I got to see basically my whole old branch! Way fun to see past families and people.

Hope you guys have fun prepping for Halloween and Ragnar! Eat a lot of candy for me! And thanks for the package! Heaven sent that was. Indeed.

Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,

Elder Bryson Davies


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