Sunday, October 6, 2013

Week Thirty Five!


Yep. Still here! We had Stake Priesthood meeting last night. It was cool to see a ton of priesthood holders in one room! I haven't seen that many on my mission! Filled the whole chapel and overflow of a real normal sized chapel! And I got to see the Santos! And a bunch of other members of the Spanish Bradenton Branch. That was pretty cool stuff.

We had a zone conference this last Thursday with Elder Teh from the Seventy! He came and trained us for a few hours along with President and Sis. Cusick. It was basically one of the most spiritually edifying times of my life. Elder Teh talked to us about how any meeting we have in the church, or it could even be any study time, can be a revelatory experience (quoting Elder Bednar). We just need to do our part to invite the Spirit. So....DO THAT WITH CONFERENCE. Prepare yourself spiritually and physically for conference. Go into with questions in mind, spiritual or temporal, and if your ears are "tuned in" you will receive your answer. Take notes on what the speakers say, but not only the words said, but the things said to YOU in your heart and mind by the Spirit. We need to be attentive and listening to the words, AND the thoughts and write that revelation down and ACT upon what we receive. The words of our prophets are exactly what God and Jesus Christ desire to be said, and they are perfectly given and presented to help us in our lives physically, temporally, and spiritually.

Just some thoughts. Cool conference though!

Besides that nothing really happened this last week...Still struggling to stay busy with productive things. It's awesome to realize what I'm a part of! Behold, a royal army!

Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,

Elder Bryson Davies

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