Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Week Thirty Six!


It was nice to go two straight days of feeling the Spirit after being put down and rejected a lot of times. Real spiritual booster right there! Even though I just found out that I have so many things to change about myself as a son of God and a missionary for Him. Lots of quotable stuff! But all in all I think it's like Elder Hales said, we come to conference to learn and we return home to live what we learned. The hardest part for people is to actually have the courage and the ability and the strength and willingness to apply the things we learned and make the necessary changes. People get "comfortable". There is no plateau in this gospel! There is never a point where you're "good" for the rest of your life! It is constant progression! The Lord does not expect immediate perfection, that is impossible, but He does expect immediate progression! We must use the Atonement, repent for not doing our best, and move on and do better! We must never dwell on the guilt of our past sins, we must learn from them and MOVE ON. SO...try to really apply that which you learned this conference. Do not let it just be like, oh that was amazing and they said a lot of great things and people need to really change...but I'm good. NO! I know I'm afraid to change, I've gotten comfortable in the groove of my mission, but I know I NEED to change to truly show my love for Him through which is it possible.

Oh! I wanted to ask! How are your missionary efforts going back home?? Since every member is basically doing the same thing we are as missionaries, what has changed that you guys do? Have you seen any miracles from helping invite others to hear and learn about the Restored Gospel? I wanna know your experiences too! 
Nothing else much going on here! Me and Elder Liddle are doing solid. 

Good luck this week! Enjoy every second! 

Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,

Elder Bryson Davies

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