Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Week Thirty Eight!


Hey it's stake conference for us this next week too! We're going to Sarasota on Saturday and Sunday for those meetings. Should be good! And it'll be nice to meet in like...a...regular sized meeting house.

So this last week we put off Saturday (because we didn't have like....anything else planned) as a day of complete inviting all day. So we walked around for like 6 hours (got a sick tan) and talked to every Hispanic that was visible outside their house and gave out a ton of pamphlets on Joseph Smith and Family Proclamation thingy and such. It was pretty fun. I think that's more people than we've talked to since like we've been here and we did it in one day. We met a few people that were crazy drunk or high. That was also fun. Always good conversations with them. This one guy (spoke english) asked us who mother nature was and if we work out. He straight up told us he was high and drunk but totally coherent somehow. That made my day! Funny people out here. 

We went and talked to a guy that was a referral from a member. Tano. We went to his house and he was outside cleaning a birdcage. He spoke enough English to talk to us in it. We told him what we do and if he'd ever heard or read from the BoM. He told us he'd heard of our church and how we believe a different Christ, not the one from the Bible, came to America and we receive revelations from stones to start church. So he went on to tell us we couldn't possibly be able to teach him anything about life since we're so young (he said pointing to me "what you're probably only in your late twenties"......I think correcting him would've made things a bit worse) and went on to say how we're wasting our lives and such. But the whole time I felt comfortable and I thought of my patriarchal blessing which says stuff like that will happen, a lot, and I thought of the story from some general conference where the missionaries knock on the door of the pastor and he tells them they can't tell him that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and then the greenie wants to go back and bear testimony that they can do that. So I just stood firm and told him look we don't claim that we can teach you the ways of life and we understand that we're just young still, but what I do know is we can teach you the ways of God and the Spirit can as well as you read this book. And I went on to bear my testimony, not letting him interrupt me when he tried, and then E. Lids did the same after me. After that his countenance changed a lot and he stopped bad mouthing us. He still rejected us in the end, but we left him a BoM and invited him to read it. Good stuff!

Transfer calls are this Saturday! The word is they might shut down the Spanish area here and put in a Zebra companionship as Zone Leaders. Which means an English and a Spanish together as companions. That's something that's not in this mission yet so we'll see if they do it. But yeah I'll find out if I'm staying or going this Saturday!

Yep! Nothing much else going on here in old Arcadia. We got some lessons planned for this week and a lot of inviting again. (By inviting I mean tracting) 

Hope all is well! I actually just sent you the article from the Arcadian now you'll have two I guess! Oh well. Another thing to get in the mail!

Have a good week! Do some good! Serve the Lord!

Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,

Elder Bryson Davies

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