Monday, November 25, 2013

Week Forty Three!


Yep it's my birthday! So yeah I got that B-Day thing coming up on Sunday. Not a teenager. Finally the age of most people out here who are serving. Can't tell you how many times, pretty much everyone we end up teaching, says I look like 28. They ask if I have kids and a wife back'm still a teenager....and then they laugh and freak out and go off about how young I am and then don't believe anything I say after that point since I'm too young to know anything!

This last week...nothing insane has happened...well kind of. We did another exchange with the Elders up in Lake Placid on Wednesday. Elder Joshua Walker came down here with me in Arcadia. He's a way cool Elder. He's been out like 14 months or something. We did lesson 1 with a brand new family that we met like the day before. We went to try to contact a potential guy and his wife answered the door and said he just moved out because they were having problems...AWKWARD....well anyways we're missionaries! And she said we could come back and we did and left the Savior's peace and blessing with them and come to find out she had learned from missionaries up in Maine like 10 years ago and attended church and everything and then she moved and lost contact and didn't know we had a church here. So that was nifty! She's about mid thirties and has a 14 year old daughter, 11 and 9 year old sons. So Elder Walker and I went back with Brother Summerall (branch mission leader) to teach them on Wednesday. It was AWESOME! The Spirit was way super duper strong and we flowed off of each other perfectly and focused on their needs and taught all the principles. We had left them a 3 Nephi 11 to read the day before and when we got to the BoM introduction she brought up that she read it (Joanne the mom) and it talked about being baptized and stuff. And she's like "I know it's important to be baptized, and other religions do it as a baby, but I think that it needs to be your decision and if you're going to devote yourself to Christ you should be aware of it.." We're like...."GREAT! So do we!" So they accepted to be baptized! Tonight we're going to set a date with them. We're hoping the 15 of December. And they even all came to church yesterday for all three hours! Exchange miracles!

The next transfer is in two weeks from tomorrow, so the calls are in two Saturdays, the 7th. We'll see what happens! We had interviews with President Cusick this past week which was awesome! Got some advice on how to be more awesome! AND I totally got approved to do online proselyting because we're obedient! So you guys should be getting some rules about that and we're getting some training coming up here soon. So within the next two weeks or so! And Ipads about the end of the year. But at the interviews, which were in Sarasota, I got to see Elder AP Casey! Got to talk to him a lot which was way way cool and fun. He's my papa out here! Love him like crazy. I was telling him about the lack of Spanish work here and he said that we probably don't need Spanish here we'll see what comes of that?

Oh and yes we actually are allowed to run 5k's out here! There's actually a lot of missionaries that are doing that in the next couple weeks. We're just in the middle of nowhere so nothing really goes on here...Oh well!

Hope all is awesome and good this week! It's getting breezy here. Still about 80 ish to 90 degrees everyday. The nights it gets down to about 60's which is freezing cold here! So it's fun.


And yes Michael did email me! So awesome to see that in my inbox. 

Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,

Elder Bryson Davies

Finally saw GATORS...and boar carcasses. And...swamplife in Florida!


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