Monday, December 2, 2013

Week Forty Four!


Yep. This is 20 year old Elder Davies reporting here in Arcadia.

Yeah! Birthday yesterday! It was super fun! Got the packages earlier in the week and had to make myself wait until yesterday to open them!!! Woke up and got ready and such. Then opened presents before our meetings! THANKS SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!!! The Miracle Notebook from Brandon and Brooke is exactly what Pres. Cusick wants us doing! So that was perfect! And the BYU cards are great, and we used all the party stuff and hung it up! We hung up some Christmas stuff. The cupcakes....were still at least good enough to stick candles in! and have it sing to me! And the workout book!! Nice! We used it this morning and destroyed ourselves. It was awesome. That books got some nifty ideas and stuff in it how to work out crazy hard, but using the stuff you have around you or your own body! THANKS SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!!

So that was a fun birthday for sure. Even in church (only in Arcadia) they announced that it was my birthday over the pulpit at the beginning of Sac. Meeting! Even the family that's progressing scarily fast and amazingly towards baptism gave me a card! It was way cool. I got a lot of Happy Birthday's yesterday from all the members. And then I made myself a cake after church! So super good. It's called the "Casey Cake" because E. Casey showed it to me. You bake cookie brownies, layer of sweetened condensed milk, layer of ice cream, layer of whipped cream, sprinkle on crushed up candy bar. SO GOOD. SO UNHEALTHY. 

For Thanksgiving we went to a lunch appointment and ate a TON and then went home and did weekly planning and then went to a dinner appointment with some less actives and ate BEYOND A TON, and then we had to drive to Lake Placid and back and that was our whole day....not the most productive day

Right now it is in the 60's which is actually pretty darn cold! And it's been pretty cloudy here the last couple days. No huge storms or anything though. 

So Joann and her 3 kids are progressing and taking everything incredibly easily and fast! If I get transferred....I won't be here for their baptisms.. .But that doesn't matter! What matters is they're getting baptized! And coming closer to Christ! Finally found out the purpose of coming to Arcadia in the last two weeks of being here? But yeah that's awesome.

Hope y'all have an awesome week! Transfer calls on Saturday!

Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,

Elder Bryson Davies

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