Saturday, December 14, 2013

Week Forty Five!


WELL I'm dippin from Arcadia! Yep that's for real this time. Got the call Saturday. They did a giant conference call with all the Elders in the mission and the AP's just went through every companionship and said if they're staying or going. And I'm on the list of leaving! Maybe I'll go somewhere where I'll speak Spanish! I've come to enjoy this place. It's a nice little town with really amazing and faithful members.

Did I ever tell you that Arcadia is part of the infamous Bible Belt? Yep. It curves down into Florida, but it only goes through the middle of the state. Guess where Arcadia is? OH! Right in the middle of the state! Bible bashing for days here. Fun experiences.

So yeah I'll be going up to Tampa on Tuesday. I don't know where I'm going until Tuesday!

We had to drop the date for Joann and her kids.They didn't come to church and when we went to check up on them after, we talked with just the kids, they had bottles of sweet tea on their table.... something's not clicking and something's not right there. So the Elders here will continue trying to get them to keep commitments and follow the commandments better. Kind of really disappointing. 

Should be on Facebook this week! Moving to a new area and new companion!

Thanks for everything and all your prayers!

Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,

Elder Bryson Davies

P.S. It's 90 degrees and sunny today....


Cool sunset on an exchange up in Lake Placid. OH and we were in the Christmas parade here! Literally thousands of people...the whole town was there. We rode around on our bikes while some members passed out cards and held and banner and had a lit up truck with kids in it. We got bike bells too and I wrapped my bike with tinsel stuff. So sweet! 

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