Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Week Fifty!

So...we moved! Most time consuming thing ever and we still aren't done. We still have to clean and scrub the other old apartment now. 

New Address:
11500 N. Dale Mabry #1308
Tampa, FL 33618

So there ya go! We should be here for a while. Oh! So we were packing up everything on Tuesday when Elder Casey (AP) gives us a call asking for Elder Fitzner. There was an Elder down south in Imokalee that was a "visa waiter" who was...waiting for his visa to go to Colombia or something, and he got it early! So Elder Fitzner was called to go and take his spot there in three days (last Friday). So it is now only me and Elder Rodriguez! I'm straight up "killing" this guy by myself! He goes home after the next transfer, which starts next week. Transfer calls are on Saturday, but I'm staying here.

So last Saturday was a baptism!! For the Hermanas in our ward, but it's still a baptism! And it was on the beach! And guess who baptized him?? A guy in the ward.....but guess who witnessed and had to enter the water waist high??? Me and Rod! Woohoo!  Got to go in the water and witness a baptism of a solid guy. He's straight up future leader. Way cool guy. It was a way foggy day and right after it poured rain! Blessing? Uh yes.

For us basically the whole last transfer has been laying a foundation, getting to know our area and all the members and establishing relationships and gaining trust and everything. Now in this transfer it's the big push to try to get the giant snowball rolling! But once it gets rolling it's gonna go straight up a million miles per hour! So there's a lot of good stuff ahead, we just have to push very hard to get it started. No baptisms coming up soon, but potential for sure. I get to talk a lot more during lessons since there's only two! So that's way nice. I have a lot more confidence, even though my Spanish is kinda decent right now. 

Elder Rod is trying to eat healthy and make himself look good in the next six weeks before he goes home, so I'm on the ride with him and I'm gonna try to eat a lot more healthier and buy better things, and exercise seriously. We'll start two a days ha ha I don't know! It'll be fun and interesting! 

We had a couple of Facebook lessons this week! A lady straight up told us she only wants to receive the word through Facebook and text...we're like Great! That's what we do! So we share certain things with her whenever we're on and leave commitments for her. She comes to English class on Tuesdays so we can check up and maybe teach in person there. 

Oh and those pics of me on the beach?? I'm a fatty in them! The jeans were way too tight. Fun story! We were prepping for the baptism and I tried to put on my white temple/baptism pants......oops! Turns out...I'M FAT! I couldn't fit in my pants! So we had to wear normal pants....which was totally fine. But yeah! So I'm just gonna starve myself! JK but that's why I'm gonna eat healthier and such this next transfer. Fun stuff missions!

Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,

Elder Bryson Davies

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