Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Week Forty Nine!


This week was kind of whatevs. Not too many exciting things going on here. We just are still trying to get to know the area since it's so big! But this last week I've eaten Cuban, Venezuelan, and Colombian food! So that's a difference! Way good. One night we didn't think we were going to eat so I bought a Lil Caesar's pizza and ate the whole thing! We go to a house and they randomly bring out food! And a lot of it! And then we were beyond stuffed. Went to next appointment and THEY fed us too!! Triple dipped! I used Milk of Magnesia (or something like that) later that night. It made the process a lot....smoother.

We're moving tomorrow! Just to let you know! No idea what the new address is! But I'll let you know next week. It's just like 5 miles north so it's more in our area.

Oh yeah we drove around the Buc Stadium on Jan. 1 when the bowl game was going on! We saw the big screen and the score a couple of times. There was so much traffic! They like shut down that whole area around there! Pretty rainy that day. Not too bad. It hasn't rained hard here yet. It was sick! Sports fans for days.

The 17 year old kid, who was working towards baptism, we had to push back his date. Not quite ready. But it's all good! There's so much potential here just ready to explode! We just have to figure out how to uncap it and let it pour out. That's the hard part. And all the people we can only see like once a week. Slowly but surely!

We came to a new library trying it out. So crowded and hardly any time! Last time we come here that's for sure! And the computers are all reserved right after the hour so I gotta hurry scurry!

Have an awesome week! Today we are going to the International Mall to look at all the stuff we can't buy! Woohoo!

Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,

Elder Bryson Davies

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