Sunday, January 26, 2014

Week Fifty One!


So yesterday was MLK day so all the libraries were closed, hence the email this day of today. Double P-Day! 

So the work here is going very slow...but that happens. We're trying to stay positive and motivated! It's way hard sometimes, especially when everything falls through. But we're working on it! Like I've been saying, there's a ton of potential, but we just are trying to figure out what to do until that potential gets rolling to stay busy! 

It's my year mark in two days! 
The water at the baptism was so nice! I was tempted to "slip" and have to swim back to shore. Didn't happen though...
Today's transfers and nothing happened!

Well that's about all I got! Hope Bryan's B-day was fun! Glad that everyone's still alive and kickin! Keep it up! Keep up the awesome missionary work too! 

Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,

Elder Bryson Davies

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