Sunday, February 2, 2014

Week Fifty Two!

Well this week has been pretty good! Two weeks ago was rough, but this last week has been a lot better! We did a lot of things, had fun, had my YEAR MARK and worked hard!
A lot of stuff happened this week! We had a Regional Stake Conference Saturday and Sunday with like 46 stakes here in the south east USA. It was held in Orlando and broadcasted to all the buildings in Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida I think. Elder Gay (of 70), Sis McConkie (first counselor in general YW pres), Elder Kopischke (70) and Elder Russell M. Nelson spoke at it! It was way cool! The entire conference was on obedience and how Hastening the Work is a prophecy and fulfillment of a prophecy from God given through His prophet. So pretty important. They said that the most important missionary work that you can do is within the walls of your own home. (Elder Hales quote) It was way cool! It was basically a mini GenCon. And the day before, Sat, Elder Kopischke and Elder Thompson (our area 70) were in Brandon so we had a last minute mission conference with like almost all the mission. It wasn't mandatory because it was kinda last minute and it was a 4 hour drive for the Naples people. So we got a little training from them at the Stake Center in Brandon! (like 45 minutes away from Tampa) That was way cool too! Big discussion on obedience. That's like all that we are getting with and Pres. Cusick. OBEDIENCE OBEDIENCE OBEDIENCE. Sis. McConkie quoted Pres. Monson when she said, "The laws and commandments of God are not negotiable." (mostly speaking about Law of Chastity) So it's either we follow ALL the commandments to the best of our ability (the only way to happiness) or we openly rebel (the simple way to spiritual destruction)....that's the message we're getting everyday out here! The Lord is dividing the strong from the weak, the worthy from the unworthy, obedient from rebelious. As long as we're living the ways we know we should, we got nothing to worry about! :)
So it's been FREEZING HERE! It's been in the 20's and 30's. That's insane for Florida! But today the sun came out, we got some rain and it's humid. Reminds me of a place I went to last year! Oh wait....that was Bradenton. It's finally to the point where I can say "oh last year when I was...still here in Florida" Everyone's always been saying that. Like New year's everyone's like "oh we did this with our district and zone" I was like "I was at a party!" But not anymore. I was on a mission a year ago!
We met a Colombian family this week. We found 6 new investigators! But we show up at this house and this guy we just met tells us to help him put some stuff in a truck and trailer so we do, haven't even told him our names mind you. And then we introduce ourselves (he'd been taught in the past) and he's like alright come with me. So we get in his suburban thingy and drive to a hardware store while he's talking a million miles per hour and sweating and driving crazy and talking on the phone. We get some stuff at the store and go back to his house. He tells us to get in a different truck and we go to a mechanic shop and drop off some tires, walk across the street and get bread, go back to his house and go inside, meet his family, leave blessing, eat the bread, he gives us coffee spread without showing us the container (repented of), and we leave. It was pretty insane! I momentarily got kidnapped by a Colombian. Good times.
Hope all stays well! I feel your cold!
Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,
Elder Bryson Davies

Oh and i'm probs going to move again before the end of the month! Just fyi...

Oh and Elder Rodriguez is from Springville! He also went to UVU! He's way cool and we get along freaking great!

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