Monday, February 17, 2014

Week Fifty Five!


Well this week was pretty eventful! AKA IPADS!! Yeah they're pretty cool I guess. It has an Area Book app on it that has our Area Book, our planner, the ward list, the callings of the ward, maps. It has FB. Gospel Library with all its stuff so we can download videos or stream them if we have wifi to show investigators. We have the pamphlets on there. Pictures. EVERYTHING A MISSIONARY NEEDS! It's way cool! I'm not using it right now to email because it would kind of take a while. I'm not used to it quite yet to do things really fast. I hadn't touched something that technology-ish for like a year! But it'll come fast. Woohoo!

We also have taught Juan a lot this last week! He's accepting everything we're teaching like crazy! It's so cool. Like every lesson with him is a miracle. And he's like our only investigator right now. He talked with his friends that he couldn't keep doing some of the bad things they do  because he's going to be baptized and be a Mormon, and he said when he said that he was completely filled with the Spirit and power! And his friends like totally respected it and said, 'yeah that's awesome that you're standing up for what you believe. It's better to stand for something than to stand for absolutely nothing. This kid's got some amazing stuff ahead of him in the Church, at least that's what me and Rod feel.

But besides that....not much going on! We walk a lot, do a lot of finding, but nothing's come up yet. But something will eventually! We take one miracle at a time. 

Our district's getting along so good! I love the Elders in our district. Me and Rod and Elders Langi and Schenk, and Stanger and Scullin. Great Elders!

Hope all goes well this next week in everyone's lives! Keep on keepin on!

Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,

Elder Bryson Davies

P.S. Mellow Mushroom!

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