Thursday, February 6, 2014

Week Fifty Three!


Well well well. Those Broncos got DESTROYED. There's no way that any missionary in this country didn't hear about that game. And also have everything fall through because who wants the missionaries in their house when the Superbowl's on!? Nobody apparently. Still pretty fun night, spent some time with the English Elders because they too had everything fall through! 

So I'm not moving till March 1st. We went to check out the new place and it's pretty nice. It's called the Grand Oasis or something. We'll be living with two of the English Elders here which'll be way fun! We see all the English guys, there's four of them, like everyday because we're the only ones with full car so we give them rides to places a lot of the time. 

So this last week was pretty good. Lots of things going on. We had a Zone Conference on Wednesday where we got trained on how to find better. We're starting to do a lot of street contacting. And using the pamphlets as visual references with the pictures, also to prepare us to use Ipads (which started coming in and they're gonna start a "roll out process" next week!). Because turns out people remember pics better than our words! Which makes sense. I am a visual learner too. I'll remember a movie a ton more than a book I read. So that's what is going on with new programs and such. And there was a regional training for Ward Councils by Elder Perry that got transmitted everywhere around here from Orlando on how Ward Councils are going to function now and how they're going to focus a ton more on Missionary work to better Hasten the Work and work in unity with the missionaries. So that'll be cool to see how that changes!

Being out over a year is crazy! I feel old in the mission. And experienced, which is nice. I actually know what I'm doing and I can handle a lot of different situations. I'm pretty skilled I guess you could say. :)

So miracle time! Hard work and patience pays off! We received a call from a member on Saturday about a referral of his nephew that wanted to know about Jesus Christ. His name is Juan and he's 17. So we had nothing really better going on so we straight went and contacted him right then. We got there and he's like holy cow you guys are fast! Ha ha but we set up a time to see him yesterday. So we go and we sit down in his garage to talk to him. He lives with his Grandparents because he was having some issues with his mom and step dad. So he wanted to learn more about Christ, he felt it was time he needed religion in his life and he wanted to fill the empty part of his heart....HOLY COW! We were like speechless! So we do some How to Begin Teaching (if you read PMG you should know what that is!) and taught him L.1 (the restoration). And he loved it! And he was like so excited to start the BoM! I've never met anyone more prepared or mature than this 17 year old kid! It was insane! We even mentioned that after baptism (which he agreed to!!!) we receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost as our constant guide and he's like 'yeah that's my goal is to have Him guiding me and telling me what I should do with my life'....!!! Jeepers creepers!! It was so cool! And he's down to come to church and to come to Mutual and everything! The church is true. 

So yeah that's my miracle for the week.

OH! We straight up did a pizza eating challenge here in Tampa! And we.........FAILED MISERABLY. It was a very depressing day. 28 inch cheese pizza. Under 1 hour. Me and Rod tried our hardest and Elders Schenk and Langi were cheering us on, but we couldn't do it. It was bad. We got close though! A few Elders have done it in the past. I'll send pics. It was crazy.

Hope all is well! Enjoy the week to the best that you can! Notice the miracles!

Live Hard,
Love Hard,
Laugh Hard,

Elder Bryson Davies

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